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Woven releases puzzles onto Steam

woven releases puzzles on linux mac windows pc

Woven releases puzzles and adventure onto Linux, Mac and Windows PC today. Thanks to developer Alterego Games who offer a day one release. Available now on Steam. Which is actually a rather epic adventure game.

Woven releases today with day one support for Linux. As well as Mac and Windows PC. There was some doubt that the game might not make a native debut.

Woven is a great game to chill with on the couch. The adventure is all about laid back gameplay. Along with custom soundtracks by composer Vortigon. While you undertake an exploration adventure.
Where you set out to roam a world made of fabric. But here stuffed animals once lived in peace. So naturally, all appears to be well at first glance. Likewise, the colorful world is not all it seems to be.
Stuffy, a cute but clumsy elephant. He also wonders the lands all by himself. Glitch is a metal firefly who has no memory of this world. Yet somehow they are the key to the heart of the matter.

Woven the Game Gameplay Trailer 2019

In Woven you will search for hidden objects and secrets. And also customize Stuffy with different animal shapes. So as you gain new abilities and solve puzzles. All while you take on an epic adventure with two very unlikely heroes. Plus a story narrated in rhyme. Where you unravel the mystery of the world.

Why is Stuffy all alone? Why is Glitch here? And why is this land being invaded by metal machines?


  • Your Stuffy, your style. Customize Stuffy, with different body parts and fabrics.
  • Woven is a fully voiced narrated story.
  • Over a hundred different hidden fabrics to discover.
  • Mix and match, a selection of different animal blueprints each with their own skillset.
  • Experience a fully handcrafted world.
  • Multiple worlds, each with their own unique ambience, soundtrack and story.
  • An epic adventure of Woven, told through rhyme.
  • And still more.

Woven releases puzzles in this unique on Steam. Which is also available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And certainly worth a look.

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