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XCOM 2 co-op now available thanks to Workshop mod

XCOM 2 co-op now available thanks to Workshop mod linux mac pc

XCOM 2 co-op has arrived for two players at once with the first beta release of the mod. The hope for the mod is to support a full twelve-player co-op. While still making gameplay that much more interesting with someone to organize with, share in the experience and strategy, someone to plan and scheme with, and someone to blame when snakes are choking out your champ.

This Tactical XCOM 2 co-op mod from Team Dragonpunk is now available on the Steam Workshop.

Being that this is the first public release, two players able to team up, with one hosting and the other able to bring their own characters from the campaign. Each controlling their own character of course. Then at the end of a mission, the secondary player will return back to their own campaign with any XP and loot earned. But do note, due to how the mod is built, missions with turn timers may be sketchy.

Team Dragonpunk have big plans, with a 12-player co-op playing while they “are waiting on Firaxis to approve code” which would allow that to take place. They also have plans on making a total conversion named Dragonpunk. Mixing cyberpunk with dragons, meta-humans and magic. And the team is looking for funding via GoFundMe.

XCOM 2 co-op is available now, just subscribe to the Steam Workshop, but make sure to follow the instructions.

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