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Besiege physics based building launches

besiege physics based building game launches on linux mac windows pc

Besiege is a physics based building game fully launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Spiderling Studios. The games now available in version 1.0. And also heavily discounted on Humble Store and Steam.

Besiege lets you construct medieval siege engines. So you can lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets. While you build a machine which can crush windmills. Also, wipe out battalions of brave soldiers and transport valuable resources. Then defend your creation against cannons, archers and whatever else. As enemies get daring and launches whatever they have at their disposal. Create a trundling behemoth or take your contraption to the skies. All while you cause carnage in fully destructible environments. Eventually, you will have to conquer every Kingdom. Crippling their castles and destroying their men and livestock. So the game is creative or clinical, depending on your view. And we now have version 1.0. Coming along with since the 2015 release.

Besiege Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Since V1.0 brings the final island for Besiege’s singleplayer campaign, Krolmar. Also, an ancient and mysterious desert island full of new enemies to slaughter. And of course, fortresses to obliterate and secret magic too. Krolmar brings a very fitting finale to the campaign.

Along with the new island. Version 1.0 also brings a new category of block to Besiege. These are called Logic/Automation blocks. These blocks will allow you to create automated mechanisms for machines. While performing several actions in a sequence. All at the push of a single button. Or simply automate actions using the various sensor blocks.


  • Singleplayer Campaign – A challenging single-player campaign with 54 levels. Conquer the 4 differently themed islands. And maybe claim victory over the Besiege world.
  • Multiplayer PVP & Co-Op – Go head to head in epic war machine combat. Or compete against friends for objectives and levels. Work together to conquer objectives and complete puzzles. While you lay waste to fortresses and armies.
  • Open Sandbox – Mess around in open sandbox environments with your friends. Construct wacky machines and abuse the level’s citizens at your leisure.
  • Level Editor – Build new levels with your friends. Or have your friends testing the level in real time while you build it! Construct castles, create armies, design custom game modes. You can also create objectives. Or bring your level to life with the logic editor.
  • Custom Skins – Change the visual appearance of your machine. All using customized skins
  • Mod Support – Creating mods for Besiege has never been easier. There is also extensive documentation will help you get started.
  • Workshop Integration – Share and download machines, skins, levels and mods on the Steam Workshop.

Besiege physics based building launches with a 50% discount. Available now on both Humble Store and Steam. The games also on GOG, but there is no discount. Although playable across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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