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Coromon modern monster taming RPG is coming

coromon modern monster taming rpg games coming to linux with mac and windows pc

Coromon modern monster taming RPG games coming to Linux with Mac and Windows PC. According to details from developer TRAGsoft. Due to make its way onto Steam in a few months.

Coromon is a refreshing take on the monster taming genre. All taking place in a charming pixel art world, while introducing elements from the JRPG genre. Coming together in this monster taming formula. Coromon becomes the best of both worlds. You will play a lengthy and compelling story and also face off against powerful bosses. As you puzzle your way through a variety of challenging dungeons.

Reaching out to TRAGsoft regarding Linux support, the odds are looking up.

We do plan to release for Linux as well, but we focus on other platforms initially.
The current plan is PC and Switch first, then mobile, and then Linux.

While this is not a day one release with native support. Coromon will broaden its platform horizons not long after. The game engine being used is Solar2D SDK. So we do have some open source game development in the house. But in the meantime, you can certainly get a taste in the trailer below.

Coromon – Switch Announcement Trailer

Gameplay includes a stamina based battle system. So it requires you to pick your skills carefully to affect your opponent’s stamina. While applying conditions and damage with an arsenal of available skills. You will also explore a charming pixel world full of challenging puzzles. Including interesting creatures and titanic bosses. While working your way to hopefully emerge with a victory.

Follow the story of an aspiring researcher. Since you will join the tech advanced organisation of Lux Solis. Assigned to a specialized team called the Titan Taskforce. There you will have to research the six Titans known in the region of Velua.
But soon you will find alien forces bringing a mysterious elemental type to your planet. This causes the base of the world to slowly collapse.

While Lux Solis will assist you by providing useful gadgets. It’s also up to you to gather the Titan Essences in Coromon. Since you will have to undo the damage done to the earth’s core.


  • A compelling story with an interesting plot.
  • Difficulty levels for an extra challenge.
  • Epic boss battles to test your skills.
  • Challenging puzzles to solve.
  • Stat customisation: outfit your Coromon to match your playstyle.
  • Character style so you can create the perfect look for your character.
  • 120+ animated Coromon.
  • Unique regions to explore, each in its own theme.
  • Beautiful pixel art visuals.
  • Original soundtrack with 50+ tracks.
  • Multiple save slots and autosave functionality.
  • Full controller support.

Tame eclectic creatures and battle against trainers in Coromon. This is a modern monster taming RPG from TRAGsoft coming to Steam. Capturing Mac and Windows PC with Nintendo Switch fans’ hearts in Q1 2022. While Linux support is coming after the initial release.

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