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Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop is upgraded

fantasy grounds unity virtual tabletop is upgraded for linux gaming mac windows pc

Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop is upgraded for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Developer SmiteWorks USA now proud to release the new edition. Rebuilt from the ground up and available on Steam. Coming in strong with 93% Very Positive reviews.

SmiteWorks USA are proud to announce the release of Fantasy Grounds Unity. The popular and critically acclaimed Virtual Tabletop now. Which now has a rebuild from the ground up in Unity3D. While offering amazing new features to take your gaming to new adventures. Doing so in native 64-bit now. Thanks to the support of the many Early Access and Public BETA Testers.

Fantasy Grounds Unity is also boasting more than 300k users worldwide. The new Unity version offers backwards compatibility with all existing campaigns. As well as the DLC from the classic version. So those new users can tryout the demo or via Steam. While existing users will want to upgrade immediately to gain access to the new content.

Fantasy Grounds Unity Launch Trailer

Fantasy Grounds Unity offers a dynamic system. So you can play a host of different roleplaying games online. It is used by hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide. Connecting and playing popular games such as D&D™, Pathfinder™, Savage Worlds,and Call of Cthulhu™.

Today, Fantasy Grounds offers more official licenses than any other tabletop of its kind. While the Fantasy Grounds Unity release provides enhanced use. Available for sound, map making, images, FX and networking. You can run games as a GM or partake as a player. Everything you need is there to communicate. As well as manage campaign information and perform tasks. Such as rolling the dice or moving tokens around the game map. The Unity version is a replacement for the Classic version. With numerous interface improvements and full backwards functionality with all data modules. Content can be moved from Classic to Fantasy Grounds Unity with little effort. And the better features in Unity make the transition well worth the switch.


  • 64-bit support to allow for more content (quality and quantity)
  • Native support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC
  • Network lobby for easy hosting and joining of games. So no port forwarding required
  • Tile based map building with built-in support for dynamic Line of Sight
  • Enhanced Drawing Tools in Fantasy Grounds Unity
  • Additional Dice Macros support
  • A new FGU only skin
  • Dynamic Line of Sight with enhanced toggle blockers for walls, doors, terrain and secret areas.
  • Paint with images, such as walls
  • Animated image effects
  • Locally stored Asset Library for use in campaigns
  • Backward compatibility with all existing campaigns and DLC from FGC

Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop is upgraded. Out now for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. While priced at $39.99 USD. Available on Steam.

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