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Idol Manager adult rated simulation game releases

idol manager adult rated simulation strategy game releases on linux mac and windows pc

Idol Manager adult rated simulation strategy game releases on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative of developer Glitch Pitch. That strategy sim is now live on Steam and Itch. Along with reviews that are already 91% Very Positive.

PLAYISM is proud to announce Idol Manager. Created by Russian indie game developer Glitch Pitch. While offering a unique “idol game” like no other. Not even Japan has seen anything like it before. Since you can take on the role of a producer in a small talent agency in this business simulator. Likewise, you are required to use any means necessary to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

Idol Manager Trailer

Develop talented idols, produce CD’s that come with exclusive tickets to hand shake events. You can also run your own official idol group café. The options are endless. What’s more, you must also of manage the relationship between the members of your idol group. In Idol Manager, you also never know when one of your idols would find herself caught up in a scandal. It is completely up to you to navigate this slippery road to the top. Making your way in the entertainment industry.


  • Develop Talent
    Recruit idols and put them through voice training sessions and dance lessons. Gather talented individuals with the right personality, style, and attributes. All due to create THE idol group of your visions. In Idol Manager you are in charge of everything, from what members post on social media, to their concert outfits.
  • Produce CD’s
    Produce a single or album that fits your vision. Take control of lyrical directions, music style, as well as handpick the leader for your idol group. Take care not to overspend though, as that could bring grave outcomes to your talent agency.
  • Promotional Activities
    An idol’s duties exceed far beyond your imaginations. Photoshoots, magazine, and TV appearances in Idol Manager. Internet live shows are also important revenue streams.
  • An Endless Variety of in-game Events
    Scandals, staged TV programs, disharmony between group members, you name it. You are the one who must deal with all of it. Whether you, your idol groups, and talent agency sink or swim rests entirely on you, and you alone.

Idol Manager adult rated simulation strategy releases on Steam and Itch. Although, Steam offers a 10% discount of the $19.99 USD price until August 2nd. While DRM-free player will appreciate the itch listing. Which also comes with a Steam code.

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