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Lornsword Winter Chronicle RPG and support

lornsword winter chronicle strategy rpg and support for linux beside windows pc

Lornsword Winter Chronicle RPG releases on Windows PC, but looking at support for Linux. Thanks to former Creative Assembly developers at independent studio Tower Five. Available now on Steam.

The story-driven fantasy action-strategy game Lornsword Winter Chronicle releases. Both on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And graphically the game is stunning. Certainly well developed. While gameplay is controller only. There is some feedback from a Discussion post asking for keyboard + mouse use. But since this is an arcade style RPG. Controller support is smooth and well-integrated for PS4 support. The only thing missing is a Linux build.

Linux Support:

Lornsword is build with Unity, so proposing a Linux port is technically possible.

The reason why we hesitate do so is the audience. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is meant to be played with a controller. PS or Xbox both work great. And we are not really sure many Linux enthusiasts play like that at all. We believe they are more exclusive to key + mouse type of audience.
Porting isn’t the biggest work. But it also means QAing properly, publishing and supporting. So right now let’s say maybe. But not before other tasks we have (like localization).

So clearly this is not a full out confirmation. But a request, which you can also join via the Discussion Post. But Tower Five has an interest in porting the game to Linux. They also want to see more positive community feedback. Hence the Discussion link above. Which also happens to be playable on Linux via Proton.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle – Release Trailer

Lornsword Winter Chronicle combines real-time strategy gameplay. Along with an engaging story and a direct, action-based control system. Specifically designed for a gamepad. Not to mention a dynamic battlefield. So this means battles are hard-fought affairs. Where blade and shot will trade in kind. While rival factions battle for power and control. Lornsword Winter Chronicle tells the story of an age. Where the dark magic of priests and shadow weavers clash. Using skilled range attacks of arrows and matchlock rifles in fierce combat.

However, the hardships of combat need not be suffered alone. Lornsword Winter Chronicle’s drop-in local co-op allows players to bring in a friend. So you can both take the fight to any oppressors. You will also need to keep a keen eye on resources. As you feed and equip your army in an ever demanding economy as your base expands. Lornsword Winter Chronicle is a game where exploration, combat and resource management go hand in hand.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is real-time strategy game. Specifically for gamepad controls. Rarely do console players get an opportunity where this control mechanism is built into the fabric of the design from the outset in an RTS”, said Renaud Charpentier, Game Director at Tower Five. “The game provides players with a great combination of combat. As well as resource management and base building with a narrative that will keep them enthralled for hours.”

Lornsword Winter Chronicle action RPG release out of Steam Early Access. Unleashing the fury on Windows PC. Priced at $24.99 USD. Which is also playable on Linux via Proton.

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