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Necesse has a publisher for the 1.0 launch

necesse sandbox survival and base-building game has a publisher for the 1.0 launch on linux mac windows pc

Necesse sandbox survival and base-building game has a publisher for the 1.0 launch on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the relentless hard work of Mads Skovgaard, the awesome developer behind it all. Which is on Steam Early Access with 92% Very Positive reviews.

You’ve just stepped into a world of endless discovery and adventure. This amazing universe of Necesse is a digital realm full of pixel art landscapes. Imagine waking up in a boundless, unpredictable setting where your curiosity leads you to untold adventures and loot.

Feeling brave? How about taking on a mighty beast that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? In Necesse, the creatures aren’t your regular, everyday kind. They’re unique, monstrous bosses that demand different strategies to take down. It’s a strategic chess match, except your opponent can breathe fire or charge at you with towering tusks.

But hey, maybe you’re not all about the battle life. Necesse also gives you the freedom to be an architect too. Start with just a settlement and watch as it blossoms into a vibrant town. You’ll need to make sure your new townsfolk have all the necessities – farms, workstations, and housing. Likewise, if you protect them, they’ll trade some of the most powerful items with you.

Speaking of items, you’re not just stuck with what you find. In the game, you’re like a brilliant inventor, fashioning tools, gear, and even traps from the resources you find in this expansive world.

Necesse – Main Trailer

You’re also not alone on this sandbox survival and base-building adventure. You can collect a range of adorable pets to accompany you on your journey. Plus, you can ride mounts and style yourself up with other fun cosmetic items.

Although it’s a blast to explore Necesse on your own, you can bring along friends, too! Whether you want to explore this breathtaking world online, or just host a LAN party at home, this is a Linux game for you and friends.

Since its first release in 2019 by Mads Skovgaard, Necesse has been making quite a name for itself with over 670,000 copies sold. It keeps getting better, with regular updates that add new features like extra biome types and improved gear upgrades.

The good news is that Necesse has just been picked up by publisher Hooded Horse, a company known for bringing outstanding digital adventures to the masses. The publisher will be helping it reach even more people and plan some solid moves before the full release. Which still does not have an official release date, bit it is coming soon.

All this awaits you in Necesse, which you can get your hands on right now through Steam Early Access. Which is also discounted 33%, dropping the price to $6.69 USD / £5.35 / 6,02€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus, the sandbox survival and base-building title is Steam Deck Verified.

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