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NecroCity strategy launches without a port

necrocity strategy and city builder game is still due to evolve onto linux with windows pc

NecroCity strategy and city builder game is still due to evolve onto Linux with Windows PC. The developer Shift Games has provided more exciting details. Available now on Steam.

So, let’s talk about NecroCity, the strategy game crafted by the folks at Gameparic, now fully launched on Steam. It’s a mix of building your own city, planning strategies, and defending your outposts. You’re stepping into the shoes of a young Prince of the Undead, and it’s your mission to show what you’re made of in the Undead Kingdom.

The folks at Gameparic, the studio behind this, spent several months tweaking and perfecting it. They’ve just introduced the Endless Mode. This is a free update for anyone who buys the NecroCity strategy. In this mode, you’re up against never-ending waves of baddies. Your goal? Stay alive as long as possible and rack up tons of points. It’s a real test of your skills and how well you can handle non-stop action.

What about Linux support

It’s hard to say when and if it will appear on Linux…

According to the Shift Games email, they have some “problems with porting.” But Unity 3D is being used for development and “the team has it in mind.” So the native port is still on the table. Until then, we have Steam Play.

NecroCity strategy and city builder Release Trailer

Step into the shoes of a Prince of the Undead. While trying to prove your NecroCity strategies are the best in the Undead Kingdom. Your mission? Keep those monster hordes away, build up your kingdom, and protect your main fortress, the Ziggurat.

This new Endless Mode is now up for grabs for everyone. Here, it’s all about endurance. How long can you stand your ground against a relentless army? NecroCity is the ultimate challenge to see how sharp your strategies are when things get really tough.

But that’s not all. You also get to expand your Undead Kingdom. Think of it like setting up your own spooky neighborhoods. You’ll summon workers, dig up bones, capture souls, and do everything to keep your Ziggurat safe. You’ll set traps, call on ghosts and skeletons, use magic, and even add mods to make things more interesting.

Now, NecroCity isn’t just about the Endless Mode strategy. There’s a lot more to explore. With the full version out, you’ve got 9 new levels to conquer, fresh biomes to discover, a better minimap to guide you, and loads of other stuff.

Available in 7 different ones! So, no matter where you’re from, there’s a good chance you can enjoy it in a language you’re comfy with.

So, if you’re into city builders, thinking through strategies, and love the thrill of defense, NecroCity might just be your next big title. It’s available right now on Steam. Remember, it’s not just about playing; it’s about outsmarting, outlasting, and proving you’re the ultimate ruler of the Undead Kingdom. Playable on Linux with Proton via Windows PC. Priced at $4.99 USD / £4.25 / 4,87€ with the 50% launch discount.

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