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Opus Magnum releases to break your brain

opus magnum puzzle simulation releases linux mac windows steam games

Opus Magnum releases an open-ended puzzle game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Not too bad, since the games creator is none other than Zachtronics. The creators of SpaceChem, Infinifactory, TIS-100, and SHENZHEN I/O. Opus Magnum is now available now on Steam and Humble Store with a 10% discount until December 14th.

Therefore it should not be a surprise to see Overwhelmingly Positive reviews. Since Opus Magnum releases just days prior to this post. The games just pegging the top puzzle games on Steam.

So now players must master the intricate, physical machinery of the transmutation engine. Since this is the alchemical engineer’s most advanced tool. Use it to create vital remedies. As well as precious gemstones, deadly weapons, and even more.

Opus Magnum Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Opus Magnum Features:

  • Design Machines – Design and build machines that carry out alchemical processes using a variety of components including programmable arms, customizable tracks, and more esoteric devices like Van Berlo’s wheel and the Glyph of Animismus.
  • Open-Ended Puzzles – Compete against your friends and the world to build the simplest, fastest, and most compact solutions to the game’s challenges. Export animated GIFs of your elegant designs to show them off.
  • Steam Workshop – Make and share your own puzzles with full Steam Workshop integration and an easy-to-use puzzle editor. Play the top user-submitted puzzles in the prestigious Journal of Alchemical Engineering, curated by Zachtronics!
  • Rich Story – Intrigues and dark plots swirl around the city’s ancient Houses. Alchemists, who hold the power to create almost anything known to science, are highly sought— and highly dangerous.
  • Solitaire Minigame – Alchemical engineering takes focus and concentration. Take a break with Sigmar’s Garden, an original alchemy-based solitaire game. Every game is winnable, but not every game will be won…

The games discounted on Steam and Humble:

Opus Magnum releases now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, the games discounted 10% until December 14, 2017 and on Humble Store (DRM-free).


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