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Scarlet Hollow prepares for Episode 4

scarlet hollow story rich horror game prepares for episode 4 on linux mac windows pc

Scarlet Hollow story rich horror game prepares for Episode 4 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developer Black Tabby Games. The game is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

The coal mines are calling; it’s time to return to Scarlet Hollow. Developer Black Tabby Games is releasing the highly anticipated fourth episode. Doing so for its seven-part multi-award-winning horror series on November 30th on Linux.

While visiting a small sleepy town in North Carolina to attend the funeral of your recently deceased aunt. Things quickly take a turn for the unsettling as the horrors of Scarlet Hollow emerge. While players choose from 21 different character builds that change how they interact with the world. Then helping them make impactful choices to change the way their story goes. From befriending the locals, learning your family’s history or even going on dates. Since every choice and every relationship you forge directly impacts the unfolding mystery.

Players will have to survive a week in Scarlet Hollow. While making it to the end in one piece won’t come easily. Your arrival marks the beginning of unique events that quickly escalate with each passing day. Each episode shifts from humor to horror and back again, as reports of strange creatures preying on local livestock and mysterious sounds deep in the Scarlet Hollow mines begin to ripple through the community…

Scarlet Hollow Episode 4 Teaser

Finishing Episode 4 and finally ready to share with the world. Every new episode of Scarlet Hollow is a step-up over the previous installment. Now sees an improvement, the gameplay gets tighter, and choices continue to have rippling effects. Especially across the story and Episode 4 is no exception. It’s sprawling, detailed, and the outcomes of players’ previous choices will be felt.

Episode 4 picks up right where players left off, and fresh nightmares await. Black Tabby Games has expanded the scope of Scarlet Hollow‘s exploration. While offering nearly 800 pages of new script and greater freedom to roam the town. Putting that together with all-new locations to search and characters to form bonds with.

Key Features:

  • Choice Heavy Game: choose from 21 different character builds that impact the world around you. As well as how this mysterious story unfolds and greatly altering your experience. Including relationships and the fate of the town in Scarlet Hollow.
  • Terrifying and funny: Get ready for charming characters and snappy dialogue. This can also shift to chilling dread and horror at a moment’s notice.
  • Original Monster Designs: With monsters inspired by Appalachian myths and cryptids. Along with their own unique twists. Players can expect anything but routine vampires and zombies.
  • No Jump scares: All the horror in Scarlet Hollow comes from building tension and dread. As well as some disturbing imagery.

It’s being released across 7 episodes. The first THREE are available now for you to play. The remaining episodes to follow as free updates as we finish them.

Episode 4 for Scarlet Hollow story rich horror game will be available for free. At least for those who already own the game on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€. The game is also Steam Deck Verified.

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