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Terminal Conflict cold war sim leaves Early Access

terminal conflict cold war sim leaves early access with a full release in linux gaming mac windows pc

Terminal Conflict cold war sim leaves Early Access with a full release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Strategy Mill, BL-Logic, Scribble Pad Studios and Polywick studio. Which is available now on Steam with positive reviews.

Indie game developer Strategy Mill and its studio partners hit the big red button. Which now leaves Early Access. Launching the turn based strategy cold war title Terminal Conflict. With a distinct and robust full release. Holding its place in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Which you can play as either a single or multiplayer turn based game. The title puts fighters in command of the two most powerful factions. While taking place between the years of 1946 to 1991.

With the Soviet leading East and the American West. The future of humankind also hangs in the balance of players. Since you have to deploy all strategic options you can think of. Whether it be economic, intelligence, diplomatic or military. All while keeping a close eye on the game’s Doomsday Clock.

Under the guidance of the MIRVIN AI. A truly rendered retro computer terminal. Players must control their chosen faction and put their tactical skills to the test as a commander. So whether it’s the Cuban Missile Crisis or the surge of the Vietnam War. The goals certainly remain the same. Preventing the enemy from gaining global control. Likewise, securing victory by any means. This also includes regional and global control. Simply by winning the space race and taking your influence beyond Earthly limits.

Terminal Conflict Early Access Launch Trailer

After choosing a faction. Terminal Conflict enables you to recruit over 40 iconic Cold War leaders. Since each leader has its own unique playstyle that can turn the tide of war. This includes China’s Mao Zedong. Whose Great Pillar of Asian Communism ability increases the player’s influence in mainland China. While Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito, can hold his place for the Eastern Bloc. And shoring up defenses in Europe. Simply at the small cost of him getting his way in the Balkans.

With the design to be the most accurate view of the Cold War. Terminal Conflict gives armchair generals great control over all strategy options in their campaigns. Which is a careful balancing act that commanders must master. Since you have to work to seize victory while not upsetting the political peace. Not to mention nuclear war on which the world rests. A war that could ruin the planet. To achieve this commanders’ have choices. Such as sending CIA agents into enemy territory in hiding. Similarly, there may be gunboat diplomacy through military action. Or maybe expanding the sphere of force using a diplomatic means. All available across over 124 regions in 10 theatres of war. This ranges from the bitter conditions of the Arctic. All the way to the jungles of South America. So that players can work to gain a better global scope.

To evolve gameplay and enable new challenges. Developer Strategy Mill provides players with specific tools to support modding and customization. This includes a powerful in-game editor. This also allows players to construct plots for different geo political clashes. Or maybe reflect their another vision of the Cold War. In Terminal Conflict, you have complete freedom to tear down the walls and re-write history.


  • Turn-based single-player strategy and head to head multiplayer. All in the most authentic cold war sim and strategy game. Complete with retro terminal computer visuals
  • Era immersive, historically likely events and decisions in Terminal Conflict. As well as 40+ unique historical leaders to recruit like Che Guevara and Margaret Thatcher
  • All aspects of Cold War strategic warfare at your command. This ranges from gathering details to economic. Politics to military combat across multiple theatres of war in a truly global conflict
  • Keep a close eye on the Doomsday Clock. As the world gets closer to mutual ruin. With nuclear warfare options at both sides
  • Create your own history through modding and customizing. Since the game has a powerful in-game editor

Terminal Conflict cold war sim is available on Steam. Which leaves Early Access priced at $29.99 USD / £22.99. Along with the Supreme Commander, Flower Power and Eyes Only Upgrade Packs available. Likewise, this is added content and also part of the Flower Power bundle. Which is available for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.
So due note, this extra content does not provide an unfair edge in multiplayer. When connecting to a player with a higher tier DLC. The game for both players, will always play the highest DLC’s available.

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