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The Pegasus Expedition strategy seeks funding

the pegasus expedition grand strategy seeks funding on kickstarter for linux gaming and windows pc

The Pegasus Expedition grand strategy seeks funding for Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Kalla Gameworks. With a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Currently, 18% funded and due to raising $25,000 USD by December 8th, 2020.

The Pegasus Expedition is a story driven sci-fi grand strategy game. Which also takes place in a key moment for humankind’s survival. Facing a huge threat at home, humanity ventures into the Pegasus Galaxy. All in a last attempt to find a refuge for the population of Earth. Only to find themselves in the middle of an interstellar war. A conflict they somehow started.

Building on the legacy of the grand strategy genre. The Pegasus Expedition adds a strong story side to the classic 4X gameplay. Which involves by managing your diplomatic ties. As well as armies, economy and scientific development.

The Pegasus Expedition Kickstarter campaign had a quiet start. Which explains why the campaign is only 15% funded.
But, reaching out to the developers back in July 2020. We know that Kalla Gameworks wants to issue a Linux port after the May 2021 Windows PC release. Of course, a successful crowdfunding campaign would also help aid in that native port. Check out the Kickstarter trailer below.

The Pegasus Expedition Kickstarter Trailer

In The Pegasus Expedition you are the Director of the Zeus Link fleet. As a result, you control all the aspects of the fleet. While making key decisions with your counselors. There are plenty of other characters that you will meet as well. Since players have to work around an unstable political landscape.
As you lead one of the fleets, your mission soon moves out of exploration. Now you have to govern, conquer, and eventually fight for survival. Working through the story and facing threats. Since every decision will have its own outcome.


  • Immense handcrafted world – a replayable campaign set in a rich, vast world. With each unique playthrough lasting up to over 40 hours.
  • Conflict and tragedy – work through The Pegasus Expedition storyline. Where nobody is perfect. And the ends will often have to justify the means.
  • Choose to be the leader you wish to be – face difficult moral choices in difficult times. But you also suffer their outcome.
  • Rewarding gameplay action – Flexible 4X gameplay with many different approaches. Taking on each of the threats the campaign offers.
  • Meaningful diplomacy – a diverse and flexible system with over 30 separate factions in the galaxy.

The Pegasus Expedition 4x grand strategy crowdfunding campaign seeks funding. Due to release in May 2021 for Windows PC. But there is also hope for Linux gaming.

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