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The Ranchers open world country-life sim funded

the ranchers open world country-life sim game funded for linux steam deck mac windows pc

The Ranchers open world country-life sim game funded for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the efforts and even genius of developer RedPilzStudio. Hitting its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign within 18 hrs of going live.

Raise animals, grow crops, craft machines, build the house of your dreams. All while you explore an enormous open world in The Ranchers. Which is a brand-new, sought after 1-4 player country-life sim. Due to releast on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam in late 2023. At the time of the writing, the campaign is sits at $63,008 USD (61,750€), passing the $51,019 USD (50,000€) goal. Plus the game is due to offer both native day-one support for Linux and Steam Deck. Working its way up to the first stretch goal at 80,000€, birds and insects.

The Ranchers invites players to start a new life in a village. One that is also full of opportunity. Not to mention already receiving over 225,000 wishlists on Steam. While you create your own ranch, lay down your roots, and develop your skills. Getting ready to take on an adventure of a lifetime. At the same time, building your empire, and forging new relationships, finding love, and starting a family.

Farm with friends and develop your ranch together in up to 4-player online co-op. Then sell resources to other players via the online market to maximize your profits. Explore the village on foot or acquire new vehicles, like scooters, cars, trucks, and yachts. While you discover a gigantic open world full of mines, shipwrecks, uncharted islands, and monsters.

The Ranchers Kickstarter

Meet the local community and get to know their personalities, go hunting, fishing, and hot air ballooning. You can also play sports, hone your culinary skills, or have fun at the village festivals. There’s something for everyone in The Ranchers.

Launching the game’s Kickstarter campaign just two days ago. The Ranchers invites fans to back the project in a variety of ways and choose from a number of rewards. These range from exclusive in-game content. The chance to design an in-game pet and even become an in-game NPC.

A playable alpha test scheduled for this October. Which is also available exclusively to Kickstarter “Alpha Rancher Pack” backers and above. Giving you an exciting early look ahead of the game’s launch. For the full list of tiers and options available to crowdfund, visit Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The Ranchers open world country-life sim is available to add to your Steam Wishlist now. Due to launch on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and the Steam Deck in late 2023. With console and mobile versions to follow.

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