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Through the Kill Screen new thriller RPG out now

through the kill screen adventure thriller rpg game releases on linux and windows pc

Through the Kill Screen adventure thriller RPG game releases on Linux and Windows PC. All due to the efforts and creativity of developer James K. Isaac. Which is now available on Steam with a discount and Positive reviews as well as Itch.

The Numbered Entity Project: James K. Isaac unshackles his new adventure thriller RPG Through the Kill Screen. Can anyone survive beyond the final level? Can you?

Mr. Isaac even reached out, excited about Linux support. Stating, “I think I may well have a working Linux build ready for release! It is loaded up and ready and everything seems set.” And now we have a native port.

Dodge the spittle from the Headteacher’s rage before goading her with a swift flick of nose gold. Blow raspberries at the rude elderly fellow who also just whacked you with his walking stick. Through the Kill Screen lets you conquer the monster living under your best friend’s bed. Then hop down the arcade and defeat a martial arts obsessed teenager on new, super hit Avenue Brawlers 2. Life is certainly full of fun for a carefree 1980s kid.

In the small town of Snoring, fueled by blue syrup-ice Slushies. Here you live your 1980s kid’s life with cheekiness, imagination, and finger speed. Until someone in the neighboring town of Mogford achieves the absurd. Whispers tell of a kid who broke the kill screen. Who went beyond the final level and uncovered something…monstrous.

Through the Kill Screen Trailer

Through the Kill Screen is an adventure RPG with horror / thriller elements. You take the role of Leon, a crafty boy enjoying his 1980s childhood who finds himself in the Naughty Corridor. Also awaiting an ear-bashing from the evil Head Teacher. Imagine a bit of The Goonies, War Games, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off mixed with the great RPG’s. Such as Mother, Undertale with a dash of Lisa: the Painful and you’ll be somewhat prepared for a colourful and sinister quest through small-town Britain. In a world full of curiosities, fun and danger, Through the Kill Screen is a journey quite different from anything you have experienced before.

At times quirky, at times sinister and tense, since you’ll use your powers. Such CHEEKINESS, IMAGINATION, and FINGER SPEED due to progress through an adult-run world. Make friends, free corrupted townsfolk, and stand up to the 8-bit nightmares plotting behind that final kill-screen. With multiple endings, your actions decide how your character grows up and what outcomes result from their quest. All this, to the sound of amazing chip-tunes by some of Youtube’s most talented composers.

Through the Kill Screen adventure thriller RPG game launches on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $5.99 USD / £4.79 / 4,99€ on Itch. While discounted 10% on Steam.