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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS RTS launches

total war three kingdoms rts launches in linux mac windows pc games

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS RTS launches in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to Feral Interactive and of course Creative Assembly. Which is also getting 85% Very Positive reviews on Steam. Available on Humble Store and the Feral Store too.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the historical strategy game. Thankfully having a same day release on Linux and Mac. As well as the Windows PC release. Developed by Creative Assembly. Published by SEGA for Windows. This is also the first game in the multi award winning Total War series. Taking place in ancient China. Seeing Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is also the most pre-ordered Total War title to date.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS plunges players into the epic power struggles. So you can face off between the warlords of 2nd Century China. Amid the collapse of the great Han Dynasty. While the player takes centre stage as a legendary leader. Also tasked with building a mighty empire and unifying the nation.

Gameplay of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS offers a suggestive image of this bitter age. Since this includes a host of new period inspired tools to employ. With enhanced diplomacy. Also a deeper level of character interaction than ever before. While including thrilling opportunities for espionage. THREE KINGDOMS marks a major step forward for the Total War series.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Out now on Linux, Mac, Windows PC

“With Three Kingdoms. Wwe’ve created one of the deepest strategy experiences of the franchise,” said Game Director Janos Gaspar. “We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in its representation of the rich culture of China. And the evolution it represents for Total War.”

With over 25 million Total War games sold to date. Also over 1.2 million active monthly players. THREE KINGDOMS launches at the pinnacle of the series’ popularity. Developer Creative Assembly is now one of the largest studios in Europe. Since it continues to grow. With multiple new titles under development.

The year is 190 AD. China. A beautiful but fractured land. Which cries out for a new emperor and a new way of life. Players will unite the country under their rule. Forge the next great dynasty. And also build a legacy that will last through the ages.
Total War: THREE KINGDOMS challenges players to:

  • Dominate their enemies on all fronts: military, technological, political, and economic.
  • Build powerful friendships, form alliances, and earn the respect of their foes.
  • Commit acts of treachery and betrayal, and master the art of political intrigue.
  • Recruit heroic characters to their cause, choosing from a cast of 12 legendary warlords.

THREE KINGDOMS RTS launches is available on Steam, Humble Store and the Feral Store. Priced at $59.99 USD /£44.99/€59.99. Users who purchase the game within the first week of release. Also receive the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC. Since this includes three playable warlords, for free.

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