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Transport Fever 2 reveals a gameplay trailer

transport fever 2 reveals a gameplay trailer for linux and windows pc

Transport Fever 2 reveals a new gameplay trailer for Linux and Windows PC. Developer Urban Games goes into further detail. Highlighting what to expect for the release. Available for pre-order on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Transport Fever 2 is the next great tycoon simulation game. Which also lets you build a transportation empire. So you can rival the games. Due to release on December 11, 2019. Of course, pre-orders are live. Likewise, developer Urban Games has a massive new trailer. This shows off all the ways you can make your fortune. Simply by creating transport routes over land, sea and air.

Transport Fever 2 – Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Transport Fever 2 stretches across more than 170 years. While including real-world tech and history. So you can design fancy new worlds of transportation.

Here is the vastly improved feature set:

  • Experience the greatest cartage challenges of 1850. All the way up to today. Across three unique story camp
  • aigns in Transport Fever 2. Featuring voiceovers and cutscenes.
  • Use over 200 carefully modeled vehicles. These range from Europe, America, and Asia. Including trains, buses, streetcars, and trucks. Also, aircraft and ships. Plus modular stations, airports, and harbors.
  • Track and manage your booming empire’s rise. With easy to use assembly tools and an active economy. Including both transport and city simulation systems.
  • Let your creativity run wild in Transport Fever 2. As you progress through a giant sandbox map in free play mode.
  • Choose from a huge array of natural ecosystems. All rendered in careful detail.
  • Create and share your own worlds, missions, landscapes, and vehicles. Using the in-game map editor and modding tools via Steam Workshop.

Players who purchase the Transport Fever 2 before December 11th. Including day one support for Linux and Windows PC.
Also, receive a 10% pre-order discount. Additionally, anyone who already owns the original Transport Fever on Steam. You will automatically receive a special 15% stackable bonus discount. This means that players who own Transport Fever will receive a 25% discount on Steam. The games also available on both Humble Store and GOG too.

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