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Vaudeville launch and port roadmap

vaudeville experimental whodunit game is still coming to linux with windows pc but runs on steam deck

Vaudeville experimental whodunit game is still coming to Linux with Windows PC but runs on Steam Deck. We’ve got some good news straight from the brains behind the magic, the folks at Bumblebee Studios. Currently available in Steam Early Access with a discount.

So, we have a new experimental whodunit by Bumblebee Studios, Vaudeville. It’s not just a simple button masher or shoot ’em up, this is something totally different and groundbreaking.

Imagine this – you step into the shoes of the character, Detective Martini. This character is smack in the middle of this buzzing city known as Vaudeville, which is colorful and full of interesting people. Now, Martini’s job isn’t easy. He has to crack some seriously twisted murder mysteries.

Where is native Linux support?

Unfortunately we did not manage to create a Linux version before the start of Early Access. We don’t want to rush one either.
For the moment, the game works fine on the Steam Deck, so I guess that any Linux machine should be able to play the Windows version through Proton or similar software. But our aim is to publish a Linux native version as soon as possible.

So there you have it, this is the plan for the Vaudeville port. Since the team confirm Proton support via Steam Deck, this is the workaround for

Here’s the insane part: you, as Martini, can actually talk to the characters in the city. And I don’t mean just picking from a bunch of pre-written dialogue options. You can have a conversation with these Vaudeville characters. You can type your thoughts or say them out loud, and the characters respond just like in the real people would. This is due to the artificial intelligence they’ve built into the game. So, every time you dive into gameplay, the story unfolds in its own unique way.

People reacting to AI characters in Vaudeville

The story and the people in Vaudeville are deep and complicated. You’re going to be trying to solve mysteries, and uncover hidden truths, and all the while, each decision you make is going to impact how things turn out. Which is all thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

In essence, gameplay is a whole new step up in how we experience interactive entertainment. Its dialogues powered by AI tech make you feel like you’re truly a part of the world. Your journey through Vaudeville is going to be unique each time, and that’s what makes it so original.

So, step into Detective Martini’s shoes, explore the secrets hidden in the corners, and remember – the truth you’ll find might be weirder than anything you could dream up. Your adventure starts now.

Now, this entire experimental whodunit released on Steam Early Access. There’s also a 35% discount deal for the first week. So, it’s the perfect time to jump into the world of Vaudeville on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC.

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