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World War 3 FPS native release is a MAYBE

world war 3 fps linux release is a maybe

World War 3 is a new FPS shooter from The Farm 51 for Windows, but what about Linux support? So we reached out to the dev’s and the reply is actually positive and realistic.

So up to know, we have always seen a delay on Linux releases for Unreal Engine 4 games. Well that’s not untrue here, but The Farm 51 have their sights on native and console ports.

Linux release:

World War 3 is powered by Unreal Engine 4. Steam PC on windows will be available first. During the early access MAYBE we will prepare some versions on consoles and linux, but we are small indie developer, and we are not able to do this at the same time.”

Clearly the studio is not ruling out native support, but they are being objective about the release. Stating, “windows will be available first”. Which is very typical for an Early Access release, also World War 3. Spending roughly between 12 and 15 months in development.

Therefore, I have also replied with encouragement to create a Linux release somewhere in Early Access. Which makes me laugh, Linux, Unreal Engine 4 and Early Access in the same sentence. What are the odds?
There is also an active thread on the Steam Discussions. So here’s to hopefully a great FPS release, Fall 2018.

World War 3 FPS Announcement Trailer (Windows, maybe Linux)

The Farm 51 want to thank everyone for their support and the very warm reception of World War 3. Since opinions are crucial to continue and motivate the team in their work on this project.

“We’re delighted to meet everyone at Gamescom and show people World War 3! It will be the first opportunity for the wider public to play the game and give feedback regarding its future,” says Kamil Bilczyński, creative director of World War 3 at The Farm 51. “Your feedback will help us shape the game you want to play.”


World War 3 is already on Steam, so you can Wishlist the game. Since this will also show Linux support. Which is coming first to Windows.

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