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Ashworld an open world action adventure coming to Steam

ashworld an open world action adventure coming to linux mac pc

Ashworld is an open world action #adventure for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. All set in the games #postapocalyptic world a few hundred years from now.

So a group of survivors is trying to build up some sort of civilization. While a group called the Ragers likes how chaos and #anarchy is ruling the world right now. Hence stopping at nothing to kill anybody who disagrees.
On top of all that, the games night creatures called Skellies roam the world. While becoming more dangerous as time passes.
Therefore gameplay is somewhat like a pixel art action version of Wasteland 2. While offering more freedom to roam and get into some serious open world action on Linux.

What’s different about Ashworld?

So rarely play an open world game. So the challenge was to create a game that at it’s core is an open world game: giving the player freedom to roam the world and do what they want, but also make it fun and interesting for players who, like me, don’t like getting lost in huge worlds because we have little time to actually play games and we prefer a clear progression.

When will Ashworld release?

Hence if everything abides by the plan, Ashworld will be done in Q1 2017. Or according to Orangepixel, May of 2017. While there is a great deal of things to add and tweak, the developers are getting close.
There is no Steam page available yet but we have confirmed that Linux will have day-one support.

Linux Beta testing

So for anyone interested Beta testing Ashworld, follow @orangepascal on Twitter. At this time, there is no set timeframe for Beta testing, but well worth a follow. Apparently he’s very picky on beta testers.

So make sure to check out the official website. Also follow on Twitter and Facebook. Or join the Orangepixel Discord.

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