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Ashworld open world survival listed on Steam

Ashworld an open world action listed on steam in linux mac windows games

#Ashworld is an open world survival adventure coming to Steam on Linux, Mac and #Windows. Crafted pixel by pixel by none other than Orangepixel. All while the #games set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. Since water and food are valuable, rare and the most important things you’ll have to find. Due to your survival in the ragelands. Since this is an area of the world under terror by Ragers. A stereotypical group of road-warriors with no respect for the little life that’s left. In other words, think a pixelized Mad Max but more survival based and savage.

During the night creatures, called the Skellies, roam the world. While also becoming more dangerous as time passes.

So players must use their smarts, combined with the various weapons, cars and gadgets. Also using raw materials that can be found inside the many underground area’s. This includes buildings, old sky-scrapers, and other area’s of the Ashworld.

Ashworld gameplay:

Ashworld Features:

  • Run and drive around the ragelands, visiting buildings, talking to people, beating up ragers and skellies.
  • Use a host of weapons: boomerangs, chainsaws, rocket launcher, shotgun, machinegun, plasma rifle, flame thrower.
  • Search through buildings, underground cavern’s, and unexplored area’s of the Ashworld for usable items.
  • Drive a host of different cars, all with their quirks and challenges.
  • A host of story missions and sub-missions to guide you around the world.
  • Crafting new weapons and tools
  • Increase your experience points and use skill points to improve your character

Ashworld will be making a debut on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows sometime soon. Since the games expected release was supposed to be May 2017, but alas. There are a great deal of things to add and tweak, but the release is getting close. Yet there is a Steam page available now and we have confirmed that Linux day-one support.

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