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The Ballad Singer new images & support update

the ballad singer new images and linux support update

The Ballad Singer just unveiled three new game background images, while issuing a Linux support update. All thanks to Curtel Games, as well as an introductory and a situation scene.

The backgrounds images will animate the game as hundreds of various illustrations will mirror players’ choices. In some of these you can admire the tavern which will be the central point for meetings and, of course, brawls. Various forest illustrations will stand and support as backgrounds. Since these include ambushes and clashes with enemies as well as evil forces.

Also in one of these, Daragast (the bard warrior). Presents as being surprised by an assassin. Be wary: in the World of Hesperia creatures of magic and unspeakable horrors. All lurking, while even the seemingly serene environments can hide danger and death.

Linux support:

“Until the launch date we will not have extra budgets. We are using everything available to create the best game possible.
We will consider the Linux version after the launch.
For now, we do not close any possibility, but a fundamental role will be played by the number of sales.”

the ballad singer new background images windows linux mac intro leon

April 16th Update:

“The release on day one for Linux is impossible. We will evaluate the possibility of developing it after the release. On the basis of sales, we have promised a mobile version and console on Kickstarter. And we will have to deal with those with the budget available after the launch!”

So this is not the best news, but developers are honest about their release. And since some people might have pledged the Kickstarter expecting day-one support. It looks like this will be a post launch release.

Now on to gameplay. The alleys will transform as time passes: locals, noisy merchants and travellers trample over the cobblestones during the days, while thieves, murderers and others alike steal valuables and take lives during the night.

The player will feel that each encounter is somehow unique as the available equipment. So this includes the psyche, each character’s abilities. Also, their strengths and weaknesses will all be part of deciding the outcome. An uninspiring decision can lead to immediate death.

The Ballad Singer – Official trailer (Windows, Mac and hopefully Linux)

The demise of one of the characters will not bring to an end as the player can continue the adventure with one of the other remaining three. However, the world would have changed by their previous choices and the consequences of their actions (or lack of it).

Successfully financed on Kickstarter in December 2017, The Ballad Singer promises to deliver a game which allows the player to experience the world of Hesperia through the eyes of four heroes, each with their own personality, abilities and set of values.

Structured as a game 2.0 book, The Ballad Singer comes with 40 different endings (10 for each of the four heroes) and the narrative paths have their own unique set of choices and illustrations.

There will be a voice actor for each of the four protagonists and they will narrate the adventure and present the options available to the player. Seeing the a game also relies on over 350,000 words to bring the rich story to life. The narration will be a key element that will give life to the story.

The Ballad Singer Windows and Mac releases are expecting a release in November 2018. Then hopefully a Linux release, depending on sales. Since there is no Steam or GOG page yet to Wishlist and support a Linux build. So check out the official website and Twitter for more details.

Background Images:

the ballad singer new background images windows linux mac alley

the ballad singer new background images windows linux mac tavern

the ballad singer new background images windows linux mac ambush

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