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Crash Drive 3 monster truck multiplayer is coming

crash drive 3 monster truck multiplayer games due to arrive on linux and windows pc

Crash Drive 3 monster truck multiplayer games due to arrive on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of the developer M2H. Due to be available on Steam very soon.

Crash Drive is back. So you can explore a colorful open world and perform incredible stunts. While you customize your race car and compete in a variety of fun games. If you want, you can just goof off and hunt for secrets. Crash Drive 3 is multiplayer and multi-platform – play alone or with your friends game. And you can do so on any combination of devices! Gamers on Linux, Windows PC, consoles, and mobile devices can all drive together in Crash Drive 3.

Crash Drive 3 will release on July 8th with day one support on all platforms. Cross-play will also be possible via all devices. This includes racing, exploration, stunts, and crashes.

Experience crazy fun in this cross-platform multiplayer, free roaming game! Drive monster trucks, tanks, and more crazy vehicles across a huge open world. Play online or in fully featured single player. While you level up, play events, earn cash, unlock new cars and discover secrets.

As players explore the five different areas of the huge open world. This also allows them to take part in competitive events that everyone in Crash Drive 3 can join. Whether it’s a game of cops and robbers or attempting to tag the most scenery with stunts. Maybe even trying to destroy a giant beach ball, it’s sure to be a wild time! There are even airborne tank battles to discover. If you just want to ignore all that and goof around, that’s fine too.

Crash Drive 3 Announcement Trailer

Even better, you can play it all with friends! The game supports full cross-play no matter what device you’re using. Likewise, the varied world is open for you to drive. So you can where you want and make your own road.

From searing deserts to the frozen arctic and even the moon. Everywhere is packed with stunt opportunities, decorative details, and secrets to discover. However you like to play Crash Drive 3, whether it’s joining events or just exploring. You can also pull the craziest stunts you can. Earning cash to upgrade and unlock new rides! Use your winnings to buy funky antennas, license plates, and more. If you reach the max level, you can even show off with a solid gold car!

Crash Drive 3 monster truck multiplayer will be available on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 / €16.99 / £14.99. Get a head start and Wishlist the game on Steam. A launch discount is also planned.

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