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Expeditions expansion patch releases for Northgard

expeditions 5th major expansion patch releases for northgard in linux gaming mac windows pc

Expeditions 5th major expansion patch releases for Northgard in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Shiro Games. Expanding the 91% Very Positive reviews with a big discount on Steam. But the games regular price on Humble Store and GOG.

New content incoming for Northgard with a new expedition system and regular challenges. There are also treasures and cosmetics to customise your base. Shiro Games of this the best selling Viking strategy game. Now invites you to try a new way of playing Northgard starting now with the “Expeditions” Patch.

This update brings two new features: Expeditions & Treasures.

  • Expeditions: Small quests systems that present challenges for players to complete before progressing to the next one.You will be able to experiment with 4 different types of Expeditions. These are Daily, Weekly, Rig’s Saga expeditions and Conquest expeditions. Allowing you to rediscover Northgard’s game modes once again. This update is also suitable for all levels of players. And even features tutorials and story quests. Allowing you to win Silver at the end of each mission.

More expeditions will be available very soon.

  • Treasures : You’ll be able to recover treasure chests from your expeditions. Each containing Silver you can exchange for unique cosmetics. This new feature allows you to create different cosmetics. So you can change the in-game appearance of your Warchiefs and Townhalls. As well as your starting zone, and new cosmetics will be added frequently.

Northgard Official Release Trailer

These expeditions reward you for completing Northgard content. They can only be achieved once.

  • Rig’s Saga focuses on the main story,
  • Conquest help you follow your progress in the game mode,
  • Achievements expeditions cover Steam achievements. As there are now included in-game. So you can easily track them and get rewards each time you unlock one. (Available in a few days)
  • You can craft up to 57 different cosmetics:
    • 12 Warchief skins, split in two collections: Brutal & Ceremonial.
    • 20 Townhall skins.
    • 25 Decorationss featuring banquetsfireplacesgates and totems.

These expeditions are given out each week. Which also selects its objectives within a difficulty based pool. The first step will always be Easy, the second one is a Normal type, the third is Hard to complete. So of course the last one will be Extreme. While each offers rewards accordingly.

You can find more information about the expansion patch. Check out the patch notes here.

Northgard expansion patch is now playable in the game. Which is also discounted 60% on Steam, priced at $11.99 USD until February 19th. Or if you prefer, regular price on Humble Store and GOG. All playable via Linux gaming, Mac or Windows PC.

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