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Hard West 2 open beta and Steam Deck support

hard west 2 gamess open beta starts on windows pc and linux steam deck support

Hard West 2 games’s open beta starts on Windows PC as well as Linux Steam Deck support. All due to the details and work of developer Ice Code Games. Currently underway on Steam.

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Ice Code Games have announced the Hard West 2 the playtest. Doing so for the supernatural sequel to the turn-based strategy game played by over half a million players. Which now begins open beta today via Steam via Windows PC. The beta, which will run until June 5, 2022, features a snippet of the game’s full campaign. While showcasing some of the special abilities the characters will gain on their thrilling journey through the Dark Heart of the West.

According to a recent publisher reply on the Hard West 2 Steam, stating:

The game, like most Steam games, will be playable on the Steam deck. However, we cannot guarantee full “Verified” status at this time.

You can see the Discussions comment for yourself. While this is interesting news, it looks like Linux Proton support is solid so far. Which is a lot different than the original game. But, you can try the Unity 3D game for yourself by requesting access on Steam.

Hard West 2 – Gameplay Trailer

Hard West 2 surpasses its predecessor in every way. The new Bravado system offers a more aggressive approach to tactics and combat. Rewarding going on the offensive to prolong the Bravado streak and dish out even more damage. One of the highlights is the gunfights on the move. Along, with dynamic levels set in changing settings. All due to create the action-packed feel of fast-paced horseback chases and thrilling train robbery showdowns.

Enemies are destroyed by special abilities like Gin’s Shadow Barrage. An Hard West 2 attack that ignores cover and can hit multiple enemies. Add to that Flynn’s Shadow Swap, which lets her switch places with friend or foe. Old Man Bill’s Dead Man’s Revenge, which can hit anyone in sight and scales based on damage taken. Laughing Deer’s Wild Run, whose damage increases the farther it is from the target.

Hard West 2 players should take advantage of the luck they get from taking damage or missing opponents. Since this can increase chances of hitting and turn sticky situations to your advantage. If you like, you can acquire new skills and give your troops additional skills. You can also improve existing skills with the ghost deck.

Hard West 2 is due to offer Steam Deck and Proton support on Linux. The open beta is currently live on Steam for Windows PC, try it for yourself.

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