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Machine Gun Fury the military shooter port

machine gun fury the military shooter games linux port and windows pc launch

Machine Gun Fury the military shooter games Linux port and Windows PC launch. Which is the result of the work from developer Reset Games Ltd. Which is also available on Steam now.

Reset Games launches its retro arcade range of games. Machine Gun Fury is on a bold and possibly dangerous mission to revive the classic Arcade military shooter. While also full of addictive top down and side-scrolling run and gun gameplay. Along with pixel perfect 2D graphics,

From 8-bit 2D pixels to 32-bit 3D, Reset Arcade creates titles that would sit pride of place in any 80s and 90s arcade. Machine Gun Fury is also their first release on Steam. But it seems there is still details around Linux support taking place.

Reaching out to the developer, the Machine Gun Fury Linux build is available. Stating, “the Linux build is done, so in the process of adding the new depot to Steam.” The native build for the Unity 3D game should be live now.

Machine Gun Fury Is On Steam Trailer

Do you miss the days of the Arcade military shooter? Single-handedly blasting your way through entire armies of enemy soldiers? All while rescuing the good guys and blowing lots of stuff up! Relying on your reactions, fast trigger finger, and limited grenade supply.

Machine Gun Fury is on a bold and likely dangerous mission. Due to revive the classic arcade military shooter game. Taking inspiration from pioneering games such as Commando, Ikari Warriors, Green Beret, and Mercs.

It is full of addictive top down and side-scrolling run and gun gameplay. Including some retro pixel perfect graphics, and an amazing SID soundtrack. But don’t forget, massive destruction too.


  • Fight on foot and in heavily armed vehicles. Machine Gun Fury lets you use a tank, boat, and a combat buggy
  • Pounding SID-chip soundtrack and explosive sound effects
  • Authentic 8-bit pixel aesthetic with modern touches. Like screen shake, particle effects, 2D physics, and multi-layered parallax backgrounds
  • Full range of combat weaponry. While offering large scale ruin and huge body counts!

Machine Gun Fury military shooter game so available on Steam. Priced at $9.59 USD / £7.99 / 7,99€, including the 20% discount. And now with Linux as well as Windows PC support.

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