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Medievalien wizard action hits Early Access

medievalien wizard action roguelike hits early access in linux gaming and windows pc

Medievalien wizard action roguelike hits Early Access in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer and indie studio dOOb games srl. Which is now live on Steam Early Access with a discount.

Medievalien is a wizard action roguelike featuring fantasy and sci-fi combat. Now making its way into development in hopes of releasing the full game in the second half of 2021.

Medievalien is a genre-bending roguelike mixing in fantasy and sci-fi. This gives players a wide range of weapons and abilities. This story also starts after aliens invade the magical world. Now, a band of heroes must use every weapon available. Ranging grom spellbooks all the way up to ray guns. You know, so they can protect their valued kingdom.

When it comes to development DOOb games have a bigger vision. They want to show how Medievalien story elements can affect gameplay choices. And also how ongoing community feedback can bring further polish to the game. This is where the team sees Early Access in another light. More to the point, a unique game development path unwrapping a future for developers and players.

Medievalien – Feature Trailer

“The success of Hades shows the world that there are better ways to do Early Access. Other than what the industry has seen previously,” Alex Bagnolini, co-founder, says. “We believe there is still more option for player engagement and feedback. Even if you aren’t a long time developer with strength from previous releases.”

As part of using these Early Access options. This is why dOOb games have put together their “Roguelike Advisory Council”. Which spans a range of active roguelike streamers. Due to help keep Medievalien feedback and input flowing on a weekly basis. Ideally to help involve Twitch viewers in the process as well. Above all, have a more dynamic style of game development.

“Roguelikes are at their best with the union between items and abilities. All carefully balanced and refined,” Bagnolini continues. “Mixing medieval fantasy with sci-fi alien technology. This opens the door to thousands of builds. And unlike any other roguelikes out there. We have to get it right and polish every detail. Early Access will help us do that.”

The wizard action roguelike releases now on Steam. Medievalien also comes with a 15% discount until February 18th. Which drops the price down to $16.99 USD. As a result, this gives Linux gaming and Windows PC players an easier start. Lending help for dOOb in the creation of this avid roguelike.

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