Mokoko arcade remastered coming to Steam

mokoko arcade remastered coming linux mac windows pc demo kickstarter

Mokoko arcade game remastered for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Kickstarter with a Demo. Thanks to developer NAISU who is also running a crowdfunding campaign. With and upcoming Steam release in February.

Independent game developer NAISU announces the release of Mokoko. Due to launch on Steam, February 15, 2020. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Mokoko is an adult themed anime Qix-like arcade game. Where you have to save girls from various troublemakers. Which also features 8 ladies, 24 bosses, and 24 minions. Plus 4 traps, 4 power-ups, and 2 towers.

The aim in Mokoko is to move around the edges of a rectangle. While you draw out of your area. Then unveil a photo of a girl. Drawing, however, deactivates your shield. This also exposes you to danger. So you’ll have to be careful.

Mokoko – Trailer

Mokoko is inspired by classics of the 80’s such as Volfied, Qix and Gals Panic”, says NAISU. “The game includes anime characters with revealing clothes in erotic poses”.

As mentioned earlier, Mokoko is currently being funded on Kickstarter. So far it has pledged 90% of the objective. The project still has 9 days to go.

There is also a native build for Linux, Mac and Windows PC Demo. Which is available on Steam as well.


  • 8 girls to save
  • 24 levels with 24 unique bosses with their minions
  • 24 absurd stories that will reveal details about the bosses and the girls
  • Lovely graphics!
  • Traps, towers, crates and bonus effects
  • Arcade style
  • Nostalgia Mokoko remastered!


  • Help out Iren with her arachnophobia. Fight with the imaginary spider Mr.Fyodorov.
  • Protect Tiffany’s house from getting pillaged. Face off against ghost pirates stuck inside the anchors. They were not the bane of Seven Seas. The crew was killed in their first naval battle.
  • Toru wished to be a mosquito to annoy people. A local witch heard him, and transformed him into a mosquito. Now he causes trouble to people every night.

Mokoko arcade remastered is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming to Steam on February 15, 2020.

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