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Mutazione mutant soap opera goes native

mutazione mutant soap opera games releases native linux support

Mutazione mutant soap opera adventure game releases on Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development effots of Die Gute Fabrik. Which is discounted on Humble Store, but regular price on GOG, Steam and

Mutazione is a character driven game about a community. Whille focusing on how we live together. Also, how the light and darkness exists within all of us. And likewise, how every action we take has ripples. Quite often it seems like they can persist for generations. There are has some jokes and stuff too. And it’s also a pleasure seeing Die Gute Fabrik keeping true to their word.

Make new friends; plant musical gardens; attend BBQs. Mutazione certianly includes band nights and boat trips. and embark on a final spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness at the heart of it all. And hopefully you find something special in the game. Since this is a vibrant and engaging story. Simply about what it means to live together.

Mutazione – Launch Trailer

Join 15-year-old Kai as she heads to the isolated community of Mutazione. While caring for her ailing grandfather, Nonno. Make new friends, discover scenic hangouts, and uncover long hidden secrets. All as you help to restore balance to the community. Simply by planting a series of magical musical gardens. A juicy personal drama is just as important as the high-stakes adventure. But can they survive their small-town adventure as well?

Mutazione mutant soap opera is the creative effort of developer Die Gute Fabrik. That narrative driven adventure releases on Linux now, as well as Mac and Windows PC. The games also priced at $19.99 USD. But there is a 20% discount on Humble Store. But also available on GOG, Steam and

For more information on Mutazione, visit Follow Die Gute Frabrik on Twitter.

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