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Mystery adventure game Jenny LeClue influenced by divorce

Mystery adventure game Jenny LeClue influenced by divorce

Upcoming mystery-based adventure game Jenny LeClue draws influence from #developer Joe Russ’ experience growing up in a #divorced family and the effects it had on his childhood, he recently told Polygon.

Jenny LeClue tells the coming-of-age story of a young detective investigating a murder case involving her mother. In the game, Russ wants to explore choice and its responsibilities. Choices are rarely wrong or right, and motives for making those decisions are important.

“Growing up in a family of divorce is all about choices, and how your parents’ choices can greatly affect you — at least as much as them,” Russ said. “It’s about accepting that sometimes the right choices have tough consequences.

“These are the things I want players to be able to explore in the game and be part of in writing the narrative with us. Growing up is about making these choices and learning to live with the consequences. Becoming an adult is, for me, about understanding that you have responsibility for your actions.”

Jenny LeClue is being developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, though more platforms are expected after the initial release. The game will conclude its successful Kickstarter with more than $105,797 raised. And, recently Greenlit on Steam.

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