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ONE MANY NOBODY game Demo out now

one many nobody puzzle platformer game demo out now on linux mac windows pc

ONE MANY NOBODY puzzle platformer game Demo out now on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the mind numbing work of the developer Chestnut Games. Available now on Steam for all to try.

Today, emerging developer Chestnut Games is eager to announce their flagship title ONE MANY NOBODY. Which is also making its debut for Steam Next Fest.

ONE MANY NOBODY is a thrilling puzzle platformer adventure centered around cloning. Both as the game’s key mechanic, and the primary focus of the story. Beginning their journey as one of thousands of clones in captivity. Players must use the technology in the facility around them to make more copies of themselves. Doing so in order to work through each level and continue their escape. The clone that escapes might not even be the one the player starts with. Since that clone may in turn have to sacrifice itself to grant another a chance to escape.

In the face of an energy crisis, an ethically questionable solution was found via new cloning technology. The sacrifice of one man quickly became many, hence ONE MANY NOBODY. While thousands of his copies had to become captives, slave laborers, and even energy sources. So now players will have to ensure that at least one clone escapes the depths. Getting out of the factory to seek answers to mysteries long buried. Who was the origin of the clone population. Also, why were they selected for cloning? And who is the elusive “Mr. Nobody” aiding their escape?

ONE MANY NOBODY – Official Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

In the Steam Next Fest demo, players will get a taste of the desperate world that Chestnut Games has created. You are due to explore the depths of the factory. Also dodging traps and guards along the way. In a world where you can only trust yourself (and yourself), cloning devices are invaluable. Since players can use them to create and control multiple versions of themselves. Due to stand on switches, give themselves a boost, or even sacrifice themselves. All to clear a path to freedom. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

The ONE MANY NOBODY demo will have players explore and experiment in the beginning levels of the factory. While the full game will feature over 100 levels across multiple areas. As well as crucial answers to mysteries revealed in the demo. The full launch of the game is due to arrive on October 11th.

ONE MANY NOBODY offers players a charming indie blend that combines the familiar setting of Abe’s Odyssey. Along with the charm and sci-fi parody of Portal. All coming together in a lovingly crafted pixel art presentation. Where machines whirr, guards watch from towers, and all the clones are just a little bit too hung up on their hair.

ONE MANY NOBODY puzzle platformer will offer a playable demo for PC at Steam Next Fest from now 3rd to October 10th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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