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Pecaminosa upcoming Indiegogo campaign

pecaminosa detective exploration game on Indiegogo for linux mac windows pc

Pecaminosa detective exploration game coming to Indiegogo this week for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cereal Games. A studio that is dedicated to the game development scene. With a crowdfunding campaign due to release this week.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launching on March 4th for Pecaminosa. Coming this week to Indiegogo in an effort to amass funds. But also promote and sell Pecaminosa to an international audience.
The crowdfunding campaign itself will end on April 12th. With a funding goal of €10,000 ($11,041 USD). Although it hasn’t actually launched yet.

“Our aim with this campaign isn’t just amassing funds. Our main goal with this is mainly to build and foster a community following. So that we can demonstrate to possible publishers that Pecaminosa doesn’t just have potential. But also has a market and community it can thrive on.” relays Lázaro Raposo, CEO of Cereal Games.

Pecaminosa – Indiegogo Campaign Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Pecaminosa is a Police Action RPG. Also, the first RPG to be developed in Azores. Launching in one of the biggest digital game resellers in the world. And due to release by the end of this year.
The player will be able to freely explore a north American city. Typical of the 40’s, reproduced in a pixel art fashion. Along with a vintage jazz audio soundtrack inspired by the noir films of old. While presenting a truly authentic feel of the 40’s.
Anyone who plays Pecaminosa will be able to customize the main character John Souza. Using a range of different clothes and weapons. As well as going into casinos and playing Poker and Blackjack.

It will also possible to back the crowdfunding campaign in various amounts. Since they range from three euros up to eight thousand euros. Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns usually have different levels of financing. Their respective values vary according to the pledges the campaign presents. And the choice that the Pecaminosa backer decides.
Likewise, in Cereal Games’ particular case. Not only are you able to gain access to the game. But higher pledge tiers include a collector’s kit (with all its merchandising keeping in theme with the game). The possibility to be portrayed as a prominent character in Pecaminosa. Even a paid-for trip for two, with stay, to the island of S. Miguel.

The Pecaminosa detective exploration game is coming this week. Since the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign kicks off March 4th. WIth support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But the campaign fails to meet the goal by April 10th. All backers shall have their pledges refunded in full.

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