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Project Genesis FPS mashup support feedback

project genesis fps mashup game support feedback for linux windows pc

Project Genesis FPS genre mashup game has support feedback for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer 8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS. The games due to release into Steam Early Access next month. We reached out for support details.

Project Genesis is a team based space combat FPS genre mashup. Due to release on Steam Early Access, April 24th, 2020. This is also 8 Circuit Studios’ first title to release on Steam.
We also have a new cinematic trailer. This will give you a first hand look into gameplay. And this is an impressive science fiction game world.
Likewise, we also reached out to the studio. Found out some interesting details. And there is hope for Project Genesis.

Epic’s Unreal Engine
We’ve received a number of requests to port to Linux. I’m not sure how easy or difficult it is to do a port on Linux quite yet. Because my background is primarily working on PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms.
I’d like to see what the challenges might be.

As with most solid multiplayer games, Unreal Engine 4 shines. So it shouldn’t be a surprise. This is also a follow up to the Steam FAQ. Since we will have to wait until after the Project Genesis release. Giving the studio time to check out Linux support. Which also makes it a good time to get some Wishlist backers on Steam. And I don’t see any detail regarding anti-cheat yet. Which leaves some hope for Proton support as well.

Project Genesis Pre-Alpha Teaser

This is a novel, yet fun and frenetic take on space battles. While mixing in FPS close quarter combat. The Project Genesis design is due to fuse two compelling genres into one. And graphically the game looks quite stunning. Especially since drawing inspiration from games like Dreadnought and Halo.
Project Genesis lets players seamlessly transition. Going from rich and otherworldly deep space environments. Progressing into visceral frenetic close quarter FPS battles. Since you will have to board giant capital ships. Using an oddly gratifying “breach and board” game mechanic. Whether the player prefers to dogfight in a prototypical class of battle craft. These also range from nimble scouts to heavy hitting assault platforms. Or simple just invade capital ships on daring infiltration assault missions.

Project Genesis encourages friends to team up. Adopt and employ their favorite play style. The games coming to Steam Early Access on April 24th. Due to release with a $29.99 USD price. First on Windows PC, then ideally progressing to Linux.

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