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ProtoCorgi horizontal shoot ’em up new Demo

protocorgi horizontal shoot 'em up new demo for linux mac windows pc

ProtoCorgi horizontal shoot ’em up new Demo available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Kemono Games. Giving you a taste of gameplay ahead of the Steam release this fall.

Retro style pixel art, horizontal shoot ’em up, ProtoCorgi has a Demo. Also giving players a chance to dip into arcade gameplay. While playing the greatest little cyber hero you will ever meet. Play as Bullet, a C³ class (Cute Cyber Corgi) cybernetic pup in his quest for saving his owner. The brilliant scientist is taken by a strange alien race that wants to rule the galaxy.

The cosmic bark ’em up will be available this fall. Kemono Games and Koch Media announce that ProtoCorgi demo. Also the deadliest corgi in video game history. Due to release in November 2020 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The main character of ProtoCorgi is Bullet. Hence the C3 (Cute-Cyber-Corgi or Cosmic-Combat-Corgi) cybernetic puppy. Who appears at first glance to be quite cute. But be careful since you shouldn’t fool with the fluffy exterior. Because it is is a military experiment, armed to the teeth. He needs all of his wuff power to free his creator. The brilliant scientist Nixie is now being held by aliens.

ProtoCorgi – Announcement Trailer

Players who want to take a look at the crazy Corgi adventure can do so. The free demo will be available on Steam at the start of the Summer Edition. There is also an older drm-free version available on Should you want to compare.

ProtoCorgi is a horizontal shoot ’em up with pixel art game. All taking place in a retro style and with arcade gameplay. This gives the player control over Bullet. The cute but deadly Cyber Corgi or Cosmic Combat Corgi cybernetic puppy.

Knowing that Nixie is disappears, the cute but deadly Corgi embarks on a mission to save her. The adventure lets full animation and beautiful retro pixel art shine on your screen. While letting you take on Bullet’s battles with precise controls. As well as solid gameplay and an engaging story.

The cosmic bark ’em up ProtoCorgi will be available in November 2020. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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