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RoboDunk playable Demo and port details

robodunk roguelite basketball game has playable demo and linux port details with windows pc

RoboDunk roguelite basketball game has playable Demo and Linux port details with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from the creative mind behind Jollypunch Games. Which is available to play via Steam.

Developer Jollypunch Games is eager to announce the Demo of their new game, RoboDunk. After the debut at E3 2021 and touring events like Milan Games Week and Taipei Game Show, the first roguelite basketball game in history finally has a playable demo. On top of that, we also have further details about Linux support.

RoboDunk is already working very well through Proton. Now that the demo is out you can check how well it works on your own systems too.

According to the Jollypunch Games email reply, a native port is possible. Despite RoboDunk using Unity 3D, there is still a big factor for Linux, publishing support. The developer is eager to pick up a publisher before making a commitment to Linux. Which should come together, considering the gameplay of the Demo. I’m surprised the game doesn’t have a publisher already.

RoboDunk Demo Trailer – Roguelite Basketball Combat

The RoboDunk demo includes just part of the big roster of robots and arenas in the full game. But certainly does have the full experience of dunking from space and shooting big lasers. You will also have to avoid missiles, mines, and tornados. Since gameplay seems to be a mix of ShellShock live meets Rocket League (back when it has Linux support). The mechanics are responsive, and even using Proton offers solid controller support. Which should also extend to a smoother running native build.

The full RoboDunk release will offer a full single-player campaign, shared / split screen PvP, and Co-op. But right now, you can get a taste of a replayable roguelite mode for 1-2 players. You will also have to buy robots to build your team and upgrade their stats. Not to mention unlock skills from a massive skill tree. You can choose your path among randomized matches with unique rewards, rules, traps, and opponents. After every match, you earn money and unlock a piece of the lore. The demo also has a versus mode for 1-4 players where you can battle friends or the CPU. While unlocking new characters, stages, and skills.

RoboDunk roguelite basketball game has a playable Demo on Steam. Due to offer native Linux support after obtaining a publisher, along with Windows PC. You might want to give this Demo a try.

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