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Sol 705 2D graphics adventure is now here

sol 705 2d graphics adventure releases onto linux mac and windows pc

Sol 705 2D graphics adventure releases onto Mac, Windows PC and Linux. According indie game developer Space Indie Studios. Which is now available on Steam and on

Sol 705 the 90’s inspired graphics adventure has gone gold. And it’s also finally released on Mac and Windows PC. But the Linux release is also now available on Steam.

….. the linux port is ready to download from And it will be on Steam during the weekend (probably sunday).

Space Indie Studios did not elaborate further. So expect the Linux build available on Steam. Which it should be already.

Sol 705 Full point and click adventure

Sol 705 has been two years in the making. And is also a tribute to the golden age of gaming in the 90’s. Where 2D point-and-click adventure graphics games ruled the day. Ah, the sweet memories of Lucas Arts®, Sierra® and so many more. Successfully funded via KickStarter and some additional dough via the Swiss Government. So now, the wait is finally over.

Sol 705 comes and nothing will ever be the same again. As in E.V.E.R! Therefore, sit back, relax, and journey back to the 70’s. While you experience a small town in Argentina with a bunch of school dropouts. All looking for challenges and adventure. Your biggest enemy is boredom and your brother’s spontaneous troubles. Meeno, your loser brother, play’s in a crap band. And they are seeking a replacement bass player in the last few minutes for the town’s big music festival. Unless you help him find a solution you must face his wrath!

Sol 705 is a fun and highly addictive old-school adventure game. Which also includes tons of puzzles to solve. Along with amazing stuff to collect and stupid but hilarious humor. There are dysfunctional protagonists, awesome music, and hours of exciting gameplay. Escape school to get extra points by making contact with an alien race? Easy! Save the Universe by re-tuning some weird dimensional chords? Absolutely! Getting a date with your high school sweetheart? Unlikely! Download the best-ever hilarious adventure game? Right below!

Sol 705 2D graphics adventure releases on Steam and on Priced at $10.99 USD. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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