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Teslagrad 2 demo coming to Next Fest

teslagrad 2 action platformer game for linux mac windows pc demo for steam next fest

Teslagrad 2 action platformer game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, will have a Demo for Steam Next Fest. All thanks to the commitment of developer Rain Games. Due to makes its way onto Steam.

Ten years and 2+ million sales later, lightning has struck twice. Teslagrad 2, the long-awaited sequel to indie hit Teslagrad, will be in players’ hands for the first time. Doing so with a demo at Steam Next Fest: 2023 (February 6-13). While the full release will be launching this spring on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Steam Deck verified.

Fans of the Teslagrad universe will regain the familiar feeling of wonder in Teslagrad 2. While delving into the pleasing gameplay and world on display. But they are also sure to be surprised, as well. After a decade of new thoughts, ideas, and lessons Rain has done so since the release of the original title. The world has also grown and changed. Now making the game as available to new players as well as returning.

Teslagrad 2 – Announcement Trailer

Teslagrad 2 stars Lumina, a hero known to players familiar with earlier title World to the West. We last saw her on an airship traveling home. While Teslagrad 2 picks up after she is shot down in an uncharted land. Lumina’s journey will see her use the forgotten art of Teslamancy. All while using the electromagnetic abilities to solve baffling physics-based puzzles. As well as searching winding caves and industrial chambers. Outsmarting odd enemies and traps awaiting her.

The Teslagrad 2 hand-drawn visuals use pastels and muted tones to bring nature to life. As well as steampunk visions of Old Europe inspired by Scandinavian culture and folklore. Lumina’s command of Teslamancy makes working through Teslagrad 2’s somber settings feel unique and fun. While allowing players to shape realistic physics and unique powers. Due to work around obstacles and surviving surreal dangers.

Wishlist action platformer game now on Steam. You will be able to play the Dmo starting on February 6, 2023.