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Ascent of Ashes colony sim gets a reveal

ascent of ashes colony sim game gets a reveal for linux mac and windows pc

Ascent of Ashes colony sim game gets a reveal for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thank to the effort and creative minds of developer Vivid Storm Interactive. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Original Creators of RimWorld Mod ‘Combat Extended’ Reveal a New Post-Apocalyptic Colony Sim, Ascent of Ashes. A colony sim and survival game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to release in Early Access on Steam and GOG in late 2023. The game raised more than 42,000EUR in an oversubscribed Kickstarter that closed October 2022. When the Steam page went live on November 9th, 2022, gained more than 1,000 Wishlists in 48 hours. The game is also now in Pre-Alpha development.

Ascent of Ashes – Reveal Trailer

Ascent of Ashes blends dark humor; gritty, stylistic postapocalyptic art. Along with an isometric view unique to the genre. Stranded on a strange planet, the player must lead a team of survivors to build a base. They must also explore a huge procedurally generated world and find the mysteries of the alien planet. The game features high octane real-time-with-pause combat. While offering familiar base building mechanics. This is a “choices matter” style of colony management RimWorld fans will find familiar. Due to almost endless replayability, unique human and alien characters. There are also enemies that can be engaged with in direct combat. Or you can settle with them or totally avoid using stealth. Yet offers a high level of player, gear, and weapon customization.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Familiar colony and team management mechanics: Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Players familiar with RimWorld and other games in the genre will feel at home. Ascent of Ashes offers rewarding base building and colonist needs management experience
  • A dangerous world to explore: Set in a vast, procedurally generated setting, replayability is nearly infinite. Players have access to restored vehicles. So they can quickly get across the broad landscape. Due to either engage in direct combat or outwit and evade enemies using stealth.
  • A modder’s dream: Vivid Storm Interactive’s team has its roots in mod-making. They have been part of many great modding groups over the years. As a result, the team wants to give back as well. So they are building Ascent of Ashes engine from the ground up to be easily extended. It’s a game developed by modders, for modders.
  • A unique cast of characters: Aliens, raiders, cultists, mechanoids, and Remnant soldiers. Even alien pets, giant worms, and other human factions. Part of the fun will be finding out who you can meet. As well as interact with on this planet.

Ethics and Smart Enemy AI

  • Familiar ethical and moral alignment choices: Fans of other deep colony sims will find the freedom of choice and leadership very familiar. The choice to play as a kind leader and care for your survivors vs. a chaotic psycho. This is always an option. And can be changed at any point in the game.
  • Trope-defying dynamic, enemy AI: It’s not entirely new to have smart enemy AI in real time strategy games. Finding it in the colony sim and survival genre is very rare. While taking on a chaotic band of raiders will play very different from fighting a squad of Remnant soldiers. Cover, suppressive fire, and strategic tactics. Due to the choice between life and death in this brutal, cruel world

Ascent of Ashes colony sim game is due to release in late 2023. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam and GOG (when available).

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