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Brigador isometric vehicle action coming to Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Stellar Jockeys have #announced that the Early Access launch of Brigador, on #Steam, has moved up to October 16th, because nobody should have to wait for isometric action with fully #destructibleenvironments.

Brigador is an isometric vehicle action game set in completely destructible environments. Highly difficult without being unfair. Lush revivalist graphic style reminds you of what 90’s games would look like now. Huge variety of playable vehicles and weapons, deep tactics and high skill ceiling with custom map support all contribute to a game built to be played and enjoyed for a long time.

Set in the lush revivalist landscapes of Solo Nobre, play as one of the three warring factions locked in a power struggle for control of the city. Choose from mechs, tanks, or antigrav units, each with their own unique perks. Find the right vehicle/weapon loadout that suits your play style best. Are you a stealth player, or a speed demon? Or do you play with a strictly scorched earth policy?


  • Choose from many different mechs, tanks, and antigrav vehicles to pilot.
  • Wide range of weapons available for different play styles.
  • Several high detail, pre-authored levels and custom map support.
  • Completely destructible environments.
  • Short, high intensity playthroughs with randomized faction enemy spawning: every run is different.
  • Original soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set.

High-skill ceiling confrontations for the player in a tense, exhilarating package.

Brigador releases with 6 playable vehicles, 18 weapons, and 9 playable levels for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC –and that’s only the beginning. Stellar Jockeys have prepared regular updates of playable content and levels which will follow the Early Access launch on Steam.

About Stellar Jockeys: Stellar Jockeys are a 4-man team who’ve worked together since 2012. Brothers Hugh and Jack Monahan handle art and design while Harry Hsiao and Dale Kim handle programming. Brigador is our first game, built on a proprietary engine.


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