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Elysian Shadows – a world separated by magic and technology now on Kickstarter

#Gameengine architect Falco Girgis has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Elysian Shadows, an indie 2D RPG being developed for #Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Android, iOS, Ouya and Sega Dreamcast. The game fuses aspects of 16-bit classical RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy, with a highly stylized, modern vision by using dynamic lighting, physics, and audio engines along with swapping between 2D and 3D perspectives.

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Travel through lush environments and diverse biomes, exploring a series of mysterious ruins, and discovering a world caught in constant conflict between magic and technology. Magic is a gift reserved for only the loyal followers of The Creator, while the non religious sects of society are forced to rely upon technology in their daily lives. Upon uncovering a mysterious artifact deep within one of the ancient ruins scattered throughout the land, Julien and friends find themselves thrust into the middle of this rising conflict. Can you solve the mystery of the ancient civilizations and prevent the destruction of your own?

Elysian Shadows a world of magic and technology on Kickstarter

Fusing aspects of 16-bit classical RPGs with a highly stylized, modern vision by using dynamic lighting, physics, and audio engines along with swapping between 2D and 3D perspectives. The goal is to create the “next-generation” of the 2D RPG in terms of gameplay, graphics, and audio. Reinvent and revitalize the aging genre for a new generation of platforms, while still remaining true to the 16-bit charm of the SNES and Genesis classics that we all grew up loving.

Elysian Shadows available for windows pc mac linux ouya android dreamcast
  • Dynamic lighting with pixel-perfect shadows
  • 3D environments and dynamic 2D/3D camera perspectives
  • Full-fledged rigid body physics and particle engines
  • Diverse gameplay styles and platforming mechanics
  • 3D positional and dynamic audio engine

With Elysian Shadows, Falco Girgis wants to push the boundaries of pixel art by creating diverse, lush environments for players to explore with beautifully lit scenes and advanced rendering effects that could not have been possible on older hardware. Their goal is to create a gigantic, open world with an emphasis on exploration and environmental interaction while still retaining the rich storyline and combat mechanics of a full-fledged RPG. Combat is fast, fluid, and action-oriented, sporting particle effects, rigid-body physics, and advanced AI, while simultaneously offering tactical and strategic depth through character customization, unlockable abilities and techniques, and an advanced class system. An immense and immersive world that is rewarding to explore, playing host to a cast of characters and a culture that are both compelling and emotionally engaging.

– No overworld map. The world is open, vast, and full of detail. Creating a world that is continuous and connected rather than disjoint and separated through a world map or menu.

– No decorative doors. Some games show us a beautiful environment but restrict our ability to fully experience it. If you can see it, you can interact with it.

– Real-Time Day/Night System. Time of day affects NPC behavior, monster encounters, sidequests, and offers an entirely new dimension of strategy and exploration.

– Rich storyline and engaging cast. Our characters are interesting and relatable on a personal level, and our storyline is highly influenced by the philosophical and moral dilemmas of modern society. Creating an intellectually fulfilling experience, and engage with you the player on an emotional level.

– Exploration. An important aspect of Elysian Shadows is exploring and interacting with our gigantic maps and diverse environments. The experience will be rewarding and engaging, with a plethora of hidden paths, chests, and secrets scattered about the world. We were inspired by “The Legend of Zelda” to create highly interactive environments, where the player can chop down grasses and trees, cast spells to burn obstacles in their way, and return to old levels with new items to discover previously inaccessible areas.

– Combat. The combat of Elysian Shadows is action-packed, and our team lovingly refers to it as the marriage between “Secret of Mana” and “God of War.” Combat takes place in real-time, without a separate battle screen. As such, the player can freely use objects in the environment for a tactical advantage–you can even drop a potion from your inventory and smack a boss in the face with it, for example! The player is able to quickly assume control of an active party member, with the rest operating under the control of user-configurable AI. Spells, particles, and physics are also intimately married aspects of combat, as many spells can set obstacles on fire or lift and throw large objects at enemies.

– Platforming. Julien and the rest of the party are able to jump and interact with their environment in full 3D space. This opens up exploration to the third dimension and allows us to introduce a slew of new gameplay mechanics that have not traditionally been found within 2D RPGs.

– Strategy. In contrast to the action-oriented combat mechanics, we wanted to enhance the depth and strategy of the battle system by introducing a slew of opportunities for character customization. Elysian Shadows features a full-fledged class or “job” system, where each character’s innate strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay styles can be augmented through a wide-array of job-specific abilities and talent trees. These jobs also introduce a variety of gameplay mechanics outside of combat, such as alchemy, smithing, and monster taming.

Digital Copies of Elysian Shadows

Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Droid downloads will be available initially, with plans for Steam coming later. Additional digital copies for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PSVita, 3DS, and Oculus Rift will be purchasable as add-ons once the stretch goals are unlocked. All copies purchased through Kickstarter come with a digital PDF of the instruction manual, and exclusive digital wallpapers.

There is looking to be a ton of detail going into Elysian Shadows and it does not stop there. We have only posted a general concept of what you can expect, check out the Kickstarter Campaign for full details, and we do mean FULL detail.


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