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Espiocracy intelligence grand strategy to get a port

espiocracy intelligence grand strategy game to get a port for linux mac windows pc

Espiocracy intelligence grand strategy game to get a port for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and efforts of further detail from developer Ex Vivo Studios. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Espiocracy will have you take charge of the intelligence agency of your choice. Doing so at the start of the Cold War as you work from the shadows in this grand strategy game. Since you will influence the world using a variety of tools. Including agents, propaganda, proxy wars, assassinations, and coups. As an Iron Curtain descends across Europe, the era of the spymaster begins.

Along with the Steam page for Espiocracy, the game is also coming to Linux.

The game is based on Godot which has pretty good Linux support, follows OS principles…
Yes. Linux players will be included in beta test phase to ensure smooth release

Since Godot is being used for game development, this is certainly a good sign. That and the fact Linux will also be included in the upcoming Beta. This also means we will have a day-one release too.

Espiocracy – Announcement Trailer

As the world recovers from the ruin of World War II, in Espiocracy new alliances are already coming to be. Deals are starting to diminish between the two superpowers. While new political ideologies are starting to hold the world over. From the division of Germany to the Italian Referendum and Czechoslovak elections. Now tensions are brewing. All while your agency fights at the front lines of this new kind of war.

  • Choose from one of 74 countries and lead their intelligence agency through the Cold War. Doing so in its twists and turns. Whether your chosen nation loses a war, suffers a coup, or has a change of leadership due to foreign actions. Your agency remains bound, working in your best interests through the rough seas of the Cold War.
  • Prepare for nuclear brinkmanship, the Space Race, and decolonization. As well as the ensuing shakiness and proxy wars that follow as you work through a world balanced on a knife edge. The critical gameplay in Espiocracy comes from real world events. Doing so via historical geopolitics, socio-economic fates, and precise modeling of views and beliefs.
  • Use your influence to trigger wars or turn the tide of diplomatic talks. Your country’s leader may request your input on major decisions. At times, you’ll find yourself the only thing standing between a hot war or the forming of alliances.
  • Spur on these conversations by building the fates that encourage them in the first place. Through the use of domestic and foreign actors, you will shape public opinion, support and establish political factions. While stoking the flames of independence, proxy wars, and coups alike.

Espiocracy intelligence grand strategy is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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