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Extinction Eclipse space action now out

extinction eclipse space action launches on linux mac and windows pc

Extinction Eclipse space action RTS game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Gaining success thanks to developer TuanisApps. Available now on Steam with Positive reviews. Plus a discount.

Extinction Eclipse the space based RTS is available on Linux. Where Earth is getting colder, the climate is changing and we may be doomed for extinction. While a Hexagonal grid of alien technology is blocking the sun’s rays from reaching our Earth. As a result plunging our planet into a race against time – freeze or survive.

So now, humanity is left with a single choice, to unite as one planet. Then gather the best pilots, build a fleet of combat spaceships, save our world from the enemies. Then destroy the technology and teach those aliens a lesson.

Extinction Eclipse game showcase in 30 secs

The Story Mode is divided into campaigns with several missions each. Completing a campaign will unlock others so you can play in a non-linear way. You decide the path to victory.

The Skirmish Mode allows you to configure the Extinction Eclipse match. Including the map size, goal, initial fleet and upgrades. The world will then be procedurally generated. While offering a unique experience every time.

Key Features:

  • Resource mining and management: Use miner ships to mine water and metal asteroids. Miners will bring the resources to the closest Space Station or resource deposits. You can also use them to build your ships, bases, and for upgrades.
  • Base Building: Expand your region in Extinction Eclipse by building space stations. Along with communication satellites, research centers, and resource deposits.
  • Defend your base: strategize and place defense towers around your bases. Including precious resources. They will activate automatically. Due to attack enemies that get too close.
  • Resupply mission: if you are running low on ships and resources, there is hope. Since you will have access to a procedurally generated mission with asteroids and just a few enemies.
  • Upgrade store: trade scavenged metals and water for upgrades for your fleet. Your ships can be faster, stronger, and sturdier!

Extinction Eclipse space action RTS game launches on Steam. Still boasting a discount of 20%, dropping the price to $11.99 USD / £9.11 / 9,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.