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Flowstone Saga adventure out now on Kickstarter

flowstone saga jrpg-inspired adventure out now on kickstarter for linux mac and windows pc

Flowstone Saga JRPG-inspired adventure out now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Impact Gameworks. The crowdfunding campaign has almost hit its $20,000 USD goal too.

Impact Gameworks is thrilled to announce the launch of Flowstone Saga on Kickstarter. Which is now 73% funded, with 27 days until the June 9th, 2021 closing date. This is their newest title inspired by classic 16-bit JRPGs. Also featuring a grand story, gorgeous pixel art, and charming characters. While including sweeping music and a totally unique puzzle based battle system.

Flowstone Saga is in development to becoming something unique. Like the studios first title Tangledeep. Which sold over 100,000 units to date. So now, the developers are including everything they love about the finest SNES and PlayStation era RPG’s. Infusing this with modern insight in a charming, original world.

Flowstone Saga Kickstarter Trailer


  • Battle monsters in a truly unique puzzle based arena. Flowstone Saga uses the power of falling blocks so you can attack, defend, and trigger magic effects. Fending off everything from lowly Beewis and Cookie Ferrets to Craggans and Giant Axolotls.
  • Immerse yourself in a grand story that begins with the discovery of an ancient power. Then grows to include a continent wide conflict
  • Explore the islands of Ocean’s End. Then search for treasure, gather resources, solve ancient puzzles, and unravel mysteries. Doing so across dozens of handcrafted maps and dungeons
  • Befriend charming characters. Then help them to build the town of New Riverstone. Learning their stories, and even buddy up for extra battle effects
  • Customize your Flowstone Saga experience with multiple difficulty settings. Enjoy a more relaxed, story driven playthrough. OR push your puzzle and tactical skills to their limits
  • Feast your eyes on lush, stunning and detailed pixel art. Including huge monster sprites, gorgeous settings, and impressive animations
  • Rock out to an epic, adventurous soundtrack with over 50 songs. Featuring live acts by world class musicians

A new mode is added:

There is also a recent Flowstone Saga update on Kickstarter. So, in addition to game difficulty options, they have a feature called “Hold Mode”. Which is selectable before starting a new game, and anytime in-game.
In “Hold Mode”, battles are no longer real-time. But you can still move pieces around, and have access to all the same powers. However there is no ‘gravity’ pulling pieces down. Therefore, enemies will not move or act in real-time.
You have total freedom to plan your next move carefully. Then, once you lock a piece in (and only then), the enemy turn gauges will increase slightly.

With 3 years of development behind the team. They are raising money to continuing polishing and improving the game. Due to adding more art, animation, music, and features. With a target release in Summer 2022 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The Demo:

Play Flowstone Saga now, try the native Demo; Linux download, Mac download, and Windows PC download. All developed in Unity 3D. Just make sure to make the “FlowstoneSaga.x86_64” executable with “chmod +x“.

Check out the Flowstone Saga JRPG-inspired adventure Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page. It will be interesting to see what the team also offers for Stretch Goals.

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