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HighFleet unique action strategy to get support

highfleet unique action strategy to get support in linux gaming with windows pc

HighFleet unique action strategy to get support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Konstantin Koshutin. Due to release this via both Humble Store and Steam.

Imagine a thousand ton jet cruiser. Then fly it and wage war in the skies of a curious future Earth. This is HighFleet, a unique action strategy game. Which also mixes physics based combat, exploration, management, and diplomacy. As giant flying ships wage amazing aerial warfare. A prophecy tells of one who will save the world. Could it be you?

So, there are certainly plans for support in Linux gaming. Which is a relief, since the gameplay caught my attention straight away.

We use our own engine. And yes, we have plans to release the game on Linux. Although the initial release will almost certainly be on PC only.

Typically when we see a unique game like HighFleet using a custom engine. This usually means a further delay in porting the title. But with the developers being so busy, hopefully, we will see a port not long after release. Since the trailer below shows some very realistic physics based combat.

HighFleet Steam Trailer


  • Killer combat
    At the heart of HighFleet is a unique form of combat in which giant ships bristling with weaponry duel above the desert. This is no mindless button mashing, however. Far from it. Battles are won with skilful maneuvering, targeting and carefully observing the strategic layer of the battle.
  • Serious strategy
    Mastering HighFleet requires much more than winning battles. You must explore the exotic lands of Gerat. Then manage your ships, men, fuel and other resources. Also engaging in diplomacy with the various factions.
  • One-of-a-kind world
    The “dieselpunk” visual aesthetic, immersive music and sounds, and underlying mystery of HighFleet combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere. This is a world you won’t want to leave until you’ve uncovered every secret and followed your destiny to the very end.
  • Freedom to fly, manage, build
    Each city offers distinctive ship options and construction paths which will give you the freedom to improve and modify your fleet.

Whats behind the gameplay:

In a world with no memory of its past, the House of Sayadi sends its thousand ton military ships to the skies. Stirring the peace of the nations residing on earth. They strive to bring back what they have lost in HighFleet.

As a commander of the Sayadi Task Force, you’ve been sent to regain control of the rebellious Kingdom of Gerat. Doing so by whatever means necessary. Success will require careful exploration and clever resource management. While using cautious skill and building a fleet capable of ruling the skies unchallenged.

But maybe a much greater destiny awaits you on the HighFleet journey. As this forsaken land still hides the mysterious prophecies of a long-forgotten past.

Konstantin Koshutin is responsible for the game design and graphics. While Maxim Kiselev stays is on the technical side. Konstantin once appeared in game development with Hammerfight (IGF finalist). Max, on the other hand, was a serious programmer before and didn’t mess with games.

Friends long before HighFleet. They both jumped on the exciting opportunity to work on a common project. In the first year of working together, they managed to win the Best Indie Game nominee at the Moscow DevGamm conference. Now serving as a good morale boost for the entire development process.

HighFleet will be released on Humble Store and Steam for Windows PC in Q2 2021. Followed by a debut in Linux gaming. There are still more details to come. So make sure to Wishlist this unique action strategy game.

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