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Overcome difficult 2D platformer announced

overcome difficult 2d platformer announced linux windows pc games

Overcome 2D difficult platformer action announced for Windows, but we have details about a Linux release. Thanks to Indian developer Kabir Lal, of Overcome Studios. Who announces the title, launching on PC in February, 2019 via Steam.

Where the gameplay draws from the developer’s personal experience with a cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As well as an extremely hard breakup shortly after, and attending university for a CS degree at the same time.

The games Linux release:

Overcome is being developed with Unity. It is quite likely that there will be a Linux port. However since this is my first commercial release, I will be taking it slow to make sure the game runs in a stable manner.”

Unity is a good sign, as with many games coming to Linux. But the developer is honest about his approach. Making sure of a “stable” release. This title came to me via a PR email. Since most indie developers can get buried in the Steam library. The commitment plus the challenge of a difficult platformer has my attention.

Since the gameplay itself seems so simple, I am intrigued. Yes, the games coined as an extremely difficult platformer. Which also features clean pixel art. Plus a beautiful soundtrack that accurately conveys the developer’s emotions during their treatment, and after their breakup. Showing how grief can drastically change a person’s worldview.

“Throughout my childhood, video games provided me with beautiful worlds to escape into during hard times”, said Kabir Lal of Overcome Studios. “I always used to come away feeling better after playing them. So this medium seemed like the most obvious way to convey my own experiences and feelings, while at the same time help others going through similar situations, by sharing my own story.”

Overcome Announcement Trailer (Windows, then Linux)


  • Fluid platforming mechanics that allow you to evade, block and fight various figments of your mind.
  • A unique shield that lets you block, deflect and glide to fight your inner demons as they attack you in several different fashions.
  • Four extremely challenging levels that will have the player dying multiple times before they can overcome the challenges.
  • Beautiful pixel art.
  • A heartfelt message expressed with metaphors.

Aside from Overcome’s fluid platforming mechanics. It also allows the player to evade, block and fight their way through four extremely challenging levels. Each of which has a completely different look and feel. Every level introduces new enemies, which the player has to overcome in different ways. So yes, there a lot of death involved.
The game shines with its soundtrack, which fits perfectly with the feel of the environment and the overarching theme.

A difficult platformer on Steam:

Overcome will release in February, 2019 via Steam on Windows PC, priced at $12 USD. But Linux looks like it’s going to be in the mix after release. Since we do not have a formal release date or price announced yet. Check out further details on the official website.

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