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Stardrytch classic 2D platformer port still planned

stardrytch classic 2d platformer game port still planned for linux with windows pc

Stardrytch classic 2D platformer game port still planned for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Nils Kastens. Currently available on Steam with positive reviews.

As a solo indie developer Nils Kastens releases a unique action platformer, Stardrytch. But currently, the game only supports Windows PC. Although, Linux support is still in the plan, according to a recent email reply.

I am very busy right now, but I have not forgotten about the Linux version.

Stardrytch is a Unity 3D games still due to get a port. While being a solo developer means he is the only person handling any fixes or tweaks to the game. Although I did manage to test the game with Proton 6.3-7 and everything works well. Even the controller input is nicely integrated. Which should allow for a smoother port for the game.

Stardrytch Release Trailer

Stardrytch is inspired by classic 2D platformers while offering up unique combat. Expect a precision platformer with some mind bending puzzles. As a result, the control mechanics in Stardrytch are very fluid. Taking me back to the days of SEGA Genesis. Which makes gameplay unique and bold. While pitting the player against unique challenges that will test your skill, as well as your timing. Since it’s up to you to unlock better powers and further combat powers. All due to overcome the deadly obstacles and monsters.

Aspiring Stardrytch players will take on the role of our hero “Lunaris”. Making your way through the alien land is an appealing mix of 3D and hand drawn elements.

Key Features:

  • Collect energy crystals and unlock new and amazing platforming and combat skills
  • Battle lots of alien rivals and imposing bosses
  • Marvel at alluring hand drawn characters
  • Discover fantastic lands
  • Show your skill by overcoming challenging platforming obstacles

Stardrytch is a classic 2D platformer game worth playing. Priced at $9.99 USD, €8.99 on Steam. With support for Windows PC, but currently playable on Linux via Proton. The native build is still in the works.

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