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Prometheus Wept turn based RPG seeks funding

prometheus wept turn based rpg game seeks funding on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc demo

Prometheus Wept turn based RPG game seeks funding on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC plus a Demo. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Timeslip Softworks. The crowdfunding campaign is doing well.

Timeslip Softworks is excited to announce the demo and Kickstarter campaign for its third game. The demo for Prometheus Wept is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which actually runs quite well for a Unity3D Demo. While the Kickstarter is due to raise €7,443 ($8,634 USD) by November 19th, currently 34% is funded.

Prometheus Wept is a party and action point turn based RPG. One that also takes place in a near-future Earth. Where most of our digital technology has been disabled by a virus. The game offers hardcore squad-level combat, with concurrent battles between cyberspace and the physical world. There are certianly some meaningful choices and deep character progress. Along with an advanced crafting system. It also has the feature of likely being the only game with harsh attacks. Due to you being able to cripple an enemy by dropping a shark on them.

Prometheus Wept Kickstarter Trailer:

Imagine a near future earth where technology has become even more essential. Even more intertwined with human life. Imagine the sudden corruption of all this technology. Doing so in less than a day, by a potent computer virus. This is Prometheus Wept. Where a virus that affects everything from the smart kettle in your home to communications systems. Even automated agriculture and transport systems. Imagine the widespread loss of life, generations of chaos, and conflict. Also the loss of knowledge and the split of nations into petty city states.

The events of Prometheus Wept occur some generations after the Event. All in a strange, depopulated, low-tech world where human communities huddle in the ruins of mythical mid 21st century. All wary of old world technology and surrounded by chaos.
This is the world where action point turn based RPG takes place. While inspiring those with interest to pledge support via crowdfunding campaign. So you can help the meek work through this chaos. Due to release on Steam in October 2022.

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