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ROMBIE open-world RPG releases on Steam

ROMBIE open-world RPG releases on Steam in linux mac windows games

ROMBIE is an open-world RPG releases now for Linux Mac and Windows via Steam. Since this is a futuristic action RPG set in a dystopian floating wasteland. Gameplay seems to resemble that of Overload. Although enemy shots are far more  accurate.

While you, the player, take on the role of the Elite Recovery. Can you put the world back on a path to prosperity?

ROMBIE Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Open-world RPG Features:

  • Infinitely generated open-world to explore with your Jetpack
  • Procedurally constructed ROMBIEs with unique combinations of powers
  • Player customization with stackable weapons & abilities
  • Endless progression of items & jobs to attain
  • Intelligent ROMBIE AI that will pickup & use dropped modules
  • LightSword to deflect shots & slice bots
  • Precise enemy damage system: take down enemies module by module
  • Thought-provoking story & dialog with multiple endings
  • In-game emulated investing with CryptoCoins
  • Special game modes for new challenges

Also, pay attention to part drops. Since they are based on how rare the part is & how much damage was done to it.
So to optimize those item drops, try to aim for the heads of enemies. Yet once again, headshots are key. Since bots die fast, which means item drops do not take damage. Also allowing them to linger longer for you to pickup.

Something else to pay attention too. Dash can make the player move very quickly and it slows time. So making dodging shots are a lot easier. While Shields absorb some hits for you.
Utilize cover, rocks in open areas, can and easier means of protection. Also, the LightSword is a special weapon that can deflect some shots back. Think lightsaber functionality. So avoiding damage is a lot more complex than just dodging.

Which is also a unique feature and adds a challenge. Since better item drops are the result skillful bot take-downs.

ROMBIE releases on Steam:

ROMBIE is available now on Steam, priced at $8.99 USD, plus a 10% launch week discount. Which releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, ROMBIE is the spiritual successor to Phr00t’s Software’s biggest title, 5089.

Note: Trailer music “The Storm” by FrozenPlain. Steam Cloud saves for Windows only currently.

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