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Starbase space MMO will look to Proton

starbase space mmo game will look to proton for linux windows pc

Starbase vertex-based space MMO games looking at Proton for Linux support beside Windows PC. According to a recent reply from Frozenbyte. Who have also just release a new video for the game. Working its way to Steam Early Access this year.

Starbase also has a brand new video. This shows off some of the “making of” aspects. Including ship rendering and some stress testing. The vertex-based space MMO also has an upcoming Alpha test as well. And seeing as show the Linux community are interested in the game. I reached out to Frozenbyte to check on the native port.

We’re developing Starbase on our own custom Frozenbyte engine. Right now the plan is Windows-only. So currently no Linux or other platforms in the works.
I know Linux users would prefer a full port. But it would be interesting to see how well everything works with e.g. Proton.

Sorry if is not the best news for Starbase. But the glimmer of hope resides in the “right now”. However, there are also a couple of Steam post denying Linux support. And the use of Vulkan is not in the cards either. But surprisingly, the game looks quite good. You can’t really expect much for an Early Access release, right? Native support for an MMO would be a massive undertaking. But I’m really surprised at the mention of Proton.
This could mean the developers are at least considering Linux. At least somehow.
In contrast, Trine 4 does have Platinum support using Proton. Therefore, there is some hope for support going forward. While the trailer below offers us a huge tease.

Starbase – Trailer Making-of: 1000 Ships Rendering

This video will show how we filmed the Starbase. New Features Trailer, especially focusing on the scenes with a massive number of ships. In it Frozenbyte will explain some of the underlying technology. A behind the scenes look at the rendering. Also netsync tests the studio has performed with a thousand ships.


  • The environment in Starbase is fully destructible. Meaning everything can be destroyed or disassembled with the right kind of tools and weaponry.
  • The in-depth physics simulation enabled by hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics. While making fights, exploration and flying spaceships more creative and fun.
  • The simulation of structural and elemental durability in the game. This adds its own twist and challenge to the efforts to conquer space. Poorly designed superstructures combined with overpowered steering thrusters. This can snap the spaceships in half if cutting corners too much in a space race.

For more information on Starbase. Take a look on Steam and join the discussion on Discord. Also, feel free to check out the Wiki page. The games due to arrive on Windows PC sometime in 2020. While Proton functionality is yet to be confirmed on Linux.

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