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Terraformers roguelite 3X not out of the question

terraformers roguelite 3x not out of the question for linux gaming with windows pc

Terraformers roguelite 3X not out of the question for Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer Asteroid Lab. Due to release onto to Steam in 2021.

Terraformers is as it sounds, you terraform Mars and establish humanity there. Then explore the wonders of the planet, exploit its resources, and expand by setting up new cities. Start the terraforming process: warm the planet, create oceans and spread life!

We are developing it on Unity. A Linux version is not out of question. We just don’t want to commit to it yet, as we have done no testing on Linux at this time. A Mac version is also very probable as two of our devs are using Macs.

This is about the same reply as on the Terraformers Discussion page. Which is by no means a disappointment, but a lack of confirmation. Even though developer Asteroid Lab hasn’t managed to expand platform support. Especially seeing Mac is not even on the table, despite being listed on the Steam page. This means the developers have yet to get around to expanding platforms since they are focusing on development.

What’s more, the Terraformers lore is non-existent yet. While the gameplay does offer a lot of freedom of choice to the player. Even without a linear story. There is a base for the lore, but this will be expanded further in development.
So here’s what we know now. The gameplay takes place at the beginning of the 2050s. Mars is humanity’s first serious settlement attempt. Although there are other small scientific outposts previously on Mars, the Moon, and other places. Here, check out the trailer below…

Terraformers Game – Early Trailer


  • Found new cities on craters and in lava Tubes. Make them thrive and meet your population’s rising demands.
  • Manage your resources and set up an effective transport system between your ever-growing cities.
  • Terraform with ambitious projects: geo-engineer the entire planet.
  • Become a gardener of life: each life form has specific requirements and provides strategic benefits.

By making Terraformers, Asteroid Lab hopes to inspire humankind to take its first steps out of the cradle. So players can become an interplanetary species, starting with Mars. Do you want to join the terraforming movement. Get updates about the game development, chat with the devleoper. Maybe even be the first to be considered for the closed alpha? Then join our Discord server.

Terraformers roguelite 3X is due to launch in Q2-Q3 2021 on Windows PC. But Linux gaming and Mac are still not out of the question. You can Wishlist the game on Steam. Maybe even throw some Tux Love or your +1 on the Discussions thread. This way the developers can see your interest.

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